LowRyder autoflowering, 3 weeks old

Noob grower here,
LowRyder planted 5/1 using grow cells and heat mat indoors. Transfered outdoors 5/10 but I think they are on the small side for being 3 weeks old. I have one plant that is smaller than the other 4 but I think thats the one I had to pluck out of a grow cell (I planted 2 beans in on cell, oops) and she slowed growth a little. She still looks healthy. I am posting sides and tops of all the ladies. Any advice is welcomed.

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i think your on the right track, looks pretty good.

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beautiful, nice and green :+1:

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This is all of them together. They sit in 5 gallon pots, get watered by rain or well water (mostly well water) and they get all the sun they want from about 6:45 AM til about 8:30 PM, unless it is cloudy. I did move them under my carport the other day when it was supposed to storm real bad. When I got home from work I noticed they were leaning towards the sun. I moved them back out, they straightened back up before the day was over.
Are these girls the right size for their age for an outdoor grow?

Thank you. I think I might be overly paranoid :grin:.

no problem, those girls are really nice.

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They grow slow outside without supplemental lighting
Looks good so far

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Your soil looks like it has a bunch of wood chips in it and that isn’t good for pot plant

I used potting soil. After I planted, I wished I had used something different but didn’t want to stress plant again by transplanting a 3rd time. I am learning as I go, it is a learning experience for sure.

And why are bits of wood no go for the ladies?

Not positive, just seen it in threads, they say pot plant don’t like wood chips in it