Lowryder auto,AK-47 auto and gold leaf photo all in one tent!


So decided to start the journey before it even begins. I am still about a week or so before laying some beans in a nice damp paper towel and bagging it up. This is my 2nd grow and was successful on my first go. So I am stepping it up a bit this time. I will be running in a 4x4 tent with 2 2ft4bulb T5 lights to get started. 6in fan and filter. Then finishing on a 600w HPS. (still need to get light) There are a few more things I am sure I will need but as of right now I think I am almost ready.

So this will be my first go round with autos. I plan to try a few different things. One gold leaf will go into soiless mixture and use nutrients and the other will go into ffof with very few nutrients. The 2 auto probably just go for ffof. I will start everything in nectar for the gods soiless seed start mix with a pinch of ffof except one gold leaf. My tent will be in a shed which seems to be pretty shaded so don’t think I will have to be too concerned about heat until I get the HPS then hope the fan will handle it.

I may also include setting up the tent and lights in this journal or may make a different thread. Well follow along if you would like. @bob31 @B345T @Countryboyjvd1971 @Majiktoker


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:slight_smile: sounds like your going for a nice mixed grow there between the soil’s and soiless should make for some interesting growing thanks for the tag will happily join in for the ride :stuck_out_tongue:


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Shoot me a tag and I’ll follow along @Smokin_ernie I like to watch other grows succeed.


Go for it brother @Smokin_ernie get her done! Lol. I’m already planning on a 5k btu AC unit for my shed. If for nothing other than humidity control!

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@Smokin_ernie I was thinking about the lowryder auto for an outdoor grow since it’s smaller, very stealthy


Good thinking I wanted to do an outdoor grow but it is new neighborhood and got some deer chewing on my hostas plants and don’t want deer eating my taste treats. Oh not sure about neighbor either and if they are nosey or not. Definitely keep it in mind.


Yay an AC unit would be nice. I have to see what the electrical is like and figure out what it can handle in shed.


@Jmesser80 consider it done


Not a problem you taught me a lot on last grow so I thought you would enjoy seeing how this one goes.