Lowest cost but still good light

Ok… Can’t afford an expensive light. Getting the 48x24x72 tent now… Thank you @Graysin and @VOL4LIFE for all your advice so far. What do either of you suggest then on the light. What’s my best and most cost efficient light? And where do I get it? I’m ready to do this. One of my babies is already out and looking unhappy lol

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@duhneese thanks for the tag. Sorry, I’m in the midst of watering my forest so I’m touch and go.

I have 2 of the VS1000 Vivosun lights. I bought them used as my first 2 lights not knowing any better. They are good quality veg lights, but would probably only flower out one plant well between 2 of them.

Most bang for your buck is going to be a KingBrite led light. You have to buy direct from the manufacturer (Shenzhen KingBrite) in China off of Alibaba. My go-to light of theirs is the 240watt with UV and IR lights.

This specific listing is stocked in the US and freight is only $36, which is tremendous.

You won’t find many other 240 watt lights for under $200. @Nicky turned me on to KingBrites, and I helped @DebbieM get one for her flower tent. I’ve been using mine since the day I got it.

This monster is the thing growing under that light right now. She’s 4 feet wide and 2.5 feet the other direction. Taller than my wife.


I have this light its a good light its a 300 watt draw from the wall

It’d be easier if we knew what “Lowest cost” means to you. A price range would help you get more suggestions I think.
Just a suggestion…


Here is the results from this light

My last grow gave 5.5ozs using this light

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HLG just came out with a 200 Diablo for $200.