Lowering temps at the end of flower

So I know to lower temps slightly towards the end and I’m towards the end. My grow tent is usually at 85 with my 4200 light on with a max of 88 . Plants look fantastic but with a cold snap and a non climate control room I noticed that my lights off temp which is usually 65-68 is now hovering around 60-61. I watch them very closely so I don’t notice growth very easily but a comparison of December 17 through January 1st growth pics was tremendous but I haven’t noticed them doing too much in the last week. There’s only 2 weeks left and possibly 1 on one plant but my question: is that too cold ?? While I’m a very quick learner and a constant reader this really is my 2nd grow in the last 20 years.

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In general lower temp towards the end of flower will help with rosin build up and dence buds so you will be right

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One appears to be foxtailing pretty good but super skunk does that. My concern is it isn’t firming up or frosting up like the other skunk is but is beginning to firm in the last few days. Worries me quit a bit

Here’s what I’m talking about. But the other had a rush of growth and white hairs too and it’s forming up real good


They look good and it will only get better with the cooler temps i had a white widow auto that had some huge dence buds but because i couldnt get my temp down when i dried it the buds become airy but they did tighten up again when i cured them

Doesn’t seem to be an issue with the gorilla glue but one of the skunks has me nervous. I have a hard time believing ILGM seeds won’t frost up but so far they haven’t on week 8

Some do frost up later then others i guess its a waiting game

The idea of spending so much money on seeds and everything else only to have a plant that is a non performer is not very pleasant at all. It’s not a question of being “ finished “ though. There are virtually no hairs in her that have Darkened and the other super skunk only has a very small percentage and that look very similar.

Yah i know what you mean we pay $50 for three seeds or we pay $130 for them and then something goes wrong either they dont sprout or they have a big problem while growing and we try our best to get them to the finish line to have our hard work go down the drain because of mold or bugs or if something fails in our tents it makes ya crazy when this happens .by the way this was my wwa from my last grow


Nice ! I had over 3 bills in my seeds value. I still think she may have plenty of time. The genetics are certainly there

One thing that is amazing to me is 3 different seed banks will show lineage 3 different ways and 3 different flowering times. Even my gorilla glue which is extremely dense and super frosty looks like it has a lot of filling out to do so maybe I just have more time to wait

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Ive heard alot of good things about the genetics of ur seeds but on the same hand ive seen quite a few people that have had problems with germination with them ,i use totally different genetics i run dark wizard genetics and its been good but however i have had three that didnt germinate but i think two died because of my own mistake and the other i believe was not a fully matured seed due to its white colour but that’s how it goes .but no matter what you can expect a few none sprouters cause nothing is ever perfect

4 months in I’d say germination is the least of my concerns. :wink:

I did have 3 not sprout. If I didn’t have 4 good ones come up I’d have threw a fit but 4 was what I wanted to grow and they were in fact all females as advertised