Lower leaves yellowing Auto day 62 of 80

My Sour Diesal is up to day 60 and is budding well, I’m just concerned about the lower leaves yellowing and wondering if I should up the Fox Farms Tiger Bloom to it?

It’s a soil grow from a pot for pot, indoor with viparspectra 450 with the humidity at 50% and I don’t have a way to control the temp but it’s at 28c usually down there, I didn’t feed nutes up until 2 weeks ago due to the organic soil but then I have been feeding over the last 2 weeks with just pH’d water on one feed, then the next with 1/4 tiger bloom and cal/mag.

I know the dangers of using synthetic nutes with organic soil which is why I started small, just wondering if I should abandon that and let the soil do its thing or continue/increase the nutes now.

I also have no idea when it’s supposed to be ready, the seller says 80 days till harvest though it should go a bit longer than that. But having watched videos online, I need to get a jewelers loops to properly check the trichomes.

As always, any advice appreciated!

For those who helped me a couple weeks ago with the regenerated Auto that I basically topped by snapping the main stem, she is back in full force and has been LST’d and looking to produce a nice even canopy!

No signs of pre-flowering yet though but that would make sense if it started it’s life cycle over again.

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That would be approximately 80 days from the start of flowering and not from the start of the plant. It looks like you’ve just started flowering, so still 8 to 10 weeks to go. The pistils you see at the tips indicate that you’ve started flowering.

The lower leaves are nothing to worry about. They will continue to yellow and fall off. It’s normal.


@MidwestGuy is right about time. I’ve found that the avg timeline of an Autoflower is as follows.
1 week seedling phase
2-4 weeks vegging phase
7-10 days preflower/transition
8-10 weeks flowering phase
Harvest when…

This is only a generalized timeline but it does help you identify roughly when to begin looking for mature trichomes as well as give you a rough idea of when you will do the final flush (if you do one).
Don’t worry about your accidental topping, I did the same on my first grow to 2 out of 5. They ended up being my biggest producers, I purposely topped two in the grow wrapping up on Friday. Once again they are the biggest plants in tent. I will be FIMing or topping all my future plants because of this outcome. Combined with Lst of course.

This is best in grow this time around.


Not sure what the dangers are, but you can continue to add nutrients as needed, with no harm done.
Flowering boosters wouldn’t hurt to maximize yield potential when you get that far.


Wow that was way more insightful than I was expecting thank you and @MidwestGuy too!

I had no idea about those time lines, in my mind it was seed to harvest but that makes way more sense because only two more weeks of growth wouldn’t have a big yield at all in its current form.

Thanks for setting my mind at ease about the yellow lower leaves, I’m glad I didn’t cause that.

I ended up FIMing my other plant (the one with the yellow lower leaves) and I got more colas from it, I think I will be doing the same to my next grows although I haven’t officially Topped intentionally yet though that plant is already growing faster and filling in too!


I’ve often read that adding synthetic nutes to organic soil will kill off all the organic nutrients, again this is my first grow so I honestly don’t know, anything to boost the buds is good in my book though so if you think it’ll be fine or better even then I will continue on this feeding schedule

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Nitrogen is nitrogen, synthetic or organic, the plant uses it the same way. Add all you want, it shouldn’t change anything other than the amount of nutrients available.
Adding hydrogen peroxide will kill off the microbes, but nutrients and water will be alright.

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A bit hard to tell from the blurple pics, but I suggest adding cal mag to your feed regimen.

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Adding cheated/synthetic nutrients will kill off the microbial biome. If you’re counting on the microbes to help with your grow, this is no bueno. If you’re going to continue to use synthetic nutes and plan on your plants getting all they need from that, it doesn’t matter.

It just depends on what you’re trying to do.
Millions of pounds of weed are grown with synthetic nutrient lines.

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Thank you, this is my first grow and so really I just want to get the most out of it, I’m happy to be consistent with the synthetic nutes until harvest, I just wasn’t sure if there would be negative effects.

Thank you for the insight!

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Sorry, turned off the blue and red for these close ups if that helps visually


I would also suggest cal mag to your feeding and watering, flush of your plants if your using soil i have found it helps to prevent neut build up


Thank you for this, I have some cal/mag from Fox farms, I was giving 1/4 of that and Tiger Bloom every other feeding once it was in flowering but I might up that now.

I am using soil, how and when would you flush it?

If your using fox farm like I did I went by the fox farm feeding chart and flushed with ro water ph to 6.5

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Thank you again, I need to start reading labels properly because I didn’t know about those mid-grow Flushing schedules. Thanks for taking the time to show me this!

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