Lower leaves yellow

My plants are around 4 weeks old since germination. One plant has yellowing on lower leaves but seems to be growing okay, it’s around 71/2" tall. I think it’s a nitrogen deficiency but, I’d like a pro tell me what they think.

Strain: WW
Indoor: Yes
Size of space: 25" X 36" X 60"
Soil: FoxFarm Ocean
PH: 6.3
EC/TDS ppm levels:
Temperature: 77
Humidity: 50%:
Light system: HPS
Watts: 300
I also have a fan and ventilation system

Looks like they got wet or were touching the soil. Nothing to worry about. She looks happy and healthy otherwise!

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Looks fine. You are being a good Dad. Go easy on the water and let the roots dry completely between waterings; you should do fine.

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Looks like you got some nutrient water on the leaves and it dried to me

Agreed with the nute water or maybe even a little nute burn. But she looks fine. Great node spacing.

Thank you all for your help! Joe