Lower leaves yellow HELP

First time grow and noticing leaves toward the bottom of my plants are yellowing. Yesterday noticed some leaves were kind of wilted and turning downward, assumed I wasn’t watering enough and a nutrient deficiency. I gave them a watering with a very small amount (1/4 of recc dose) of grow (Fox farm) nutrients in its water. I’m using fox farms ocean forest soil but I felt like since the plants had been in the soil for about 3 weeks now they may have used up the nutes already present. Came to check on my plants today and lower leaves are yellowed and turned downward (some higher leaves are turned downward slightly) but most of the plant looks fine, dark green leaves and all. What is going on??

Another photo of the other plan



Being in FFOF soil, you don’t need to feed for 4 or 5 weeks.

The bottom leaves getting yellow isn’t much of an issue IMO.

Watering, pick up the pot, does the pot fell empty? Time to water. Does it fell heavy? Not time to water.

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