Lower leaves what can I do? HELP PLEASE

hello this is my first time and the problems don’t stop … this time i noticed that the leaves are tilted down from last night … what can i do about it? what’s wrong (the plant is 28 days old autoflowering outdoor with soil and fertilizers biobizz grow bloom root juice) this happened after a lot of wind

Doesnt look like wind damage. Hard to tell the depth of that pot but I’d get more soil under that plant, also looks a bit wet.

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Do you see it as healthy? because it’s my first time I don’t know much

How much water how often? Are you feeding it? Leaves starting to get yellowish is a problem. I’m thinking maybe getting root bound looks like very little soil. Let’s get another eye on it though. @Hellraiser

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I gave it every week 1 ml grow with root juice and then I started to increase the grow and I stopped the root next week I will start the bloom … water about 2 times a week maybe I have to put a little more soil because it was not enough from the beginner in relation with the pot

I don’t see any signs of wind damage. The leaves would have small rips on the edge of the leaves where they would rub together. :+1:

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Looks hungry and possibly a bit over watered, let it dry out (pick up the pot, should feel almost empty when dry) then give a nice feeding with your next watering.

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The problems don’t stop … what is this again? …

Probably just a water spot from water/nutes getting on it when watering.

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ok i wish nothing bad … thank you for the answers

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there are holes in the pot?

Yes of course

Mind if I fallow how ur ph