Lower leaves turning yellow during early flowering


I’m growing a Blueberry auto indoors in soil.
It’s been growing very healthy until two days ago. It’s in the second week of flowering and I started adding a low amount of FF tiger bloom and big bloom. Only 10% of the recommended dose. 4 days later It’s getting yellow lower leaves.
First 1 and now many. It’s happening quickly and I’m not sure what to do. Water is the same as always. Distilled at 6.5 PH. Soil is FFOF. Any suggestions?


She’s hungry. Up the dosage next feed


I was afraid that the nutrients caused it to suddenly turn yellow.
I thought starting at 10% was better than taking a chance on nutrient burn.
What do you think about adding a little FF big grow to the mix?


I would follow their feed schedule. Bump to half strength next time and if she doesn’t burn on the leaf tips then you can go full strength. I only back off once I see a little burn usually.


10 % solution? . go full amount… they get really hungry in flower. were you feeding nutes at full strength before flower?


Use FFOC soil.
Never added more than 30% nutrients during veg.
I read that I should never go higher than 30% with LED lights.
Is that incorrect?


sounds like bs to me but lets ask @Hogmaster


I use LED and go 100% on my nutes. I have never heard of 30% of nutes with LED’s.


I never use under 100% of nutrients always full strength for me I don’t believe in 1/4-1/2 Strength nutrients when I used to try that always had issues so 100% full strength under LED under or under LEC it don’t matter for this guy


Thank you all for clearing that up.


Found a couple more on the bottom today.
But the tops look great.
Is this really because I fed it too low?
It’s not due for feediing for another week.
I’m concerned


There old fan leafs that’s what there supposed to do


It’s normal. The plant is pulling nitrogen out of the lower leaves to make buds. Your bloom nutrients should have some nitrogen in them, which would keep this to a minimum. If you were following the manufacturer’s feeding schedule!

Look at my Blue Dream Grow Journal. It went yellow almost overnight because it is near the end (2 days until flush). 100% schedule nutrients, except for new clones that get 25% of grow nutrient leaf spray.


I was waiting for someone to point that out lol. Your plant looks pretty normal to me.