Lower leaves have black\dark coloring at main stem

OK. So this is my first post. I am growing a single plant outdoors for my first grow. I’m not sure of the strain, as it was given to me by a friend. I’m pretty sure its a female, but the coloration is a bit of a concern to me. Has anyone ever experienced this, and, if so, what do I need to do to cure it?
BTW, the plant is short, but its roughly 3 months old.

Pics will be added as soon as I have a chance to take a few.

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Does that pot have drain holes in it? What is the ph of water and run off. Start there. Plant is pretty small for 3 months old

Yes, there are drain holes in the bottom. As for pH, the water I put in was at about a 6 the last time I tested. Run off water has never been tested. I agree its small for 3 months. There was an issue with it about 2 months ago, I had it in the ground. A horrible storm came through and ripped it out of the ground, destroying most of the root system. That was when I replanted it in this potter. I’m wondering if when it rebuilt the root system, it started its life cycle over.
At any rate, after that, it took a couple weeks, but it started to show signs of life again. When new leaves started to grow is when I noticed the color issue.
I hope adding this new info helps to determine my issue.

Start over…get quality seeds, plant more than you plan to keep, cull the weak and male, use 5 gallon cloth or plastic buckets with drainage, use growing media(not Miracle Grow fertilized stuff) , buy PH and PPM meter—$20 on the net.

Don’t start over. Plant just needed time to regrow roots. Can you get a pic of the stem that’s black?

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Yeah I wanna see it as well

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Its hard to make out from the pics, but where the stem meets the leaves, its discolored. I’m wondering now if its a possible trait of the strain.

One other question, off topic. Does this look female, or is it still too early to tell?

IMO the wetness if the soil and the unfortunate root issues have slowed development down to a crawl. When conditions aren’t right, plants will stall growth until they’re happy again or die (over simplified answer). You’re still in veg and showing no signs of sex yet. I recommend SuperThrive for the roots and plant stress, and re-pot with added perlite to the soil mix that you choose. Also pick up a pH meter if funds allow. You could always add sweet lime into your soil mix to help maintain a neutral soil ph.

Looks like female plant for me and stems are purple not black. thats bc your watter is to cold or your pH simply bad. i has the same problem with higher pH. correct pH and watter temperature will solve the problem
don`t use tooo much nutriens for young plats. 1/4 (3ml/L)