Lower leaves fading; early flowering stage

Beginner, first time grow, Unknown Seed
Amended Soil In fabric pots
Ph of Runoff 6.5
Nutrients; 1/2 Strength Fox Farm Trio + 1/2 strength Cal-Mag
Temps; Avg mid-60’s Day, mid-50’s Night
Humidity; Guesstimating 50% Day, Night 70%

I have 11 plants, all are doing great considering my late start in early July. However, 4 of them are fading on lower leaves and today I noticed a brown tip/edge on one leaf and some white spots on another leaf.

The only think different about these 4-plants from the others is that I misted these four with Captain Jacks about 2-weeks ago. We were leaving for a long weekend and I wanted to protect them while I was gone, then thought better of it as it was late morning and I was concerned about getting the leaves wet in the bright sun so I stopped…

My plants have just started flowering and I don’t want to loose them now, any advice would greatly be appreciated, thanks!

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Couple more pictures… I also dusted soil with DE). Last two comparing fading plants to the other plants. Thanks again.

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Just a little nitrogen deficiency. Recommend to increase nitrogen a bit.

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Update… I upped the nitrogen using Fox Farms Grow Big. The plans overall are looking better expect for one. Any ideas what’s happening here? Thank you!