Lower leaves canoeing and flowers turning brown and crunchy

I’m having a major problems with my outdoor plants. They have been doing great all summer and have grown to be 8+feet tall with no signs of deficiencies. Now they have just made the flip to flower as our days are getting shorter. My lower growth has taken a hit and I cannot figure out what is causing this! All of the flower sites and like turning brown and growing crispy thorn like leaves and the normal fan leaves are growing a powdery substance and growing round and canoeing. My ph is between 6.1-6.5. I have been feeding with all organic aeration compost teas. I am growing in a soil bed of little dirt peat moss, perlite etc.

I have no idea what this could be if anyone has any insight I need all the help I can get! Please I have tried to make this my absolute best grow I have ever done and dont want to see this ruined! Thanks in advance! Uploading: DE5F7946-8579-44EF-ACCB-3F93CF5BDFCB.jpeg… Uploading: CD2A9F8A-903A-47B1-B1C8-F3181A4369C0.jpeg… Uploading: 89A9802F-0E7E-4678-BFEE-4C98EA85808C.jpeg… Uploading: F79B41AA-C51D-4F7D-873B-D7CD919B6667.jpeg… Uploading: 52FB8C0F-B850-4DDB-B7F6-E173D3829139.jpeg…

The powdery substance you referred to, is it white and wipes off? I see some bug damage also.
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Looks like russet mite damage

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Thank you Bobby digital! It is russet mites! Luckily they are not fully in flower so I was able to spray some neem oil to try to get them taken care of!

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Captain jacks dead bug is organic and can be used all throughout the plants life.

Thanks so much digital! I’ve been using aerobic compost tea and they’ve been so healthy I haven’t had any bugs at all through out this season. I’ve never seen any mites this small. I’ve got more research to do. Thank you for the insight brotha! I will be on that captain jacks soon!


@Coleslaw775 Welcome to the forum!! Captain Jacks has helped my outdoor gals so much! Highly recommended I got it at my local lowes. I know its not everyone’s choice but it saved my plants this year. Bugs have been awful! Nice catch on your plants they will bounce back!

Everyone covered. Welcome to ILGM.

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Heat stress too: if you can shade the plants or put them in partial shade they’ll appreciate it. Especially when it’s hot.

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