Lower fan leaves yellowing and dropping early flower

Hey guys looking for some guidance on my outdoor grow. The girls are in early stages of flower first few weeks at most and the lower older growth is yellowing turning brown and dropping. I know this happens in later stages of flower but i feel like this is too early and I’m loosing a lot of leaf mass. I thought it was a nitrogen def or maybe a lockout so I flushed and fed some grow nutes along with a watered down bloom feed to be safe but still no improvement the fan leaves continue to yellow and curl and drop but the new growth and bid sites still look healthy. Just looking for any suggestions because at this rate I will have no fan leaves left in a few weeks. Is this normal for some strains this early in flower? Should I be worried



I’m going threw the same thing. When you flushed did you check ph and ppm. My ph was good but ppm were very low even though I am feeding them I’m in 5 gal cloth pot and plant seemed root bound and was eating every thing I put in. I transplanted into 7 gal pot ( that’s all I had that’s larger) and gave it flower nute and cal/mag ( the leaves were yellowing over night and dropping like flies ) it’s only been 3 days but the yellowing has almost stopped only normal yellowing. I am in early flower also. I know this isn’t much help but it’s a thought. Good luck

I’ll check the values next time I feed/water but I’m hoping they aren’t root bound they’re already in 10 gal fabric pots

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All your new growth looks nice and green and healthy I see no nute Burns. All your yellow leaves falling around the bottom. My thoughts are your plant is hungry its feeding off of itself. Check your run off on your ppm would be a good starting place. Good luck

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Does it looks like nitrogen def? Should I continue with grow nutes for a week or so or half and half or just bloom?

I agree with you way too early for leaves to be turning yellow and out falling off. I would check my pH runoff and my PPM runoff and see where I’m at .but my thoughts are it needs feeding. People have different opinions when to get off of the foliage nutes. If it was mine I would go ahead and feed it good with Bloom nutes.

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Ok quick question. Outdoor girls… so im betting its been UBER wet these last few days. The mass yellowing looks a bit like overwatering. And a good downpour will ABSOLUTELY flush the crap outta ur plants. As said above, id check the ph and ppm runoffs of the soil before advising a solid feed. But she does look a tad hungry. The N deficiency is gonna start in flowering (especially if ur feeding on schedule) but shouldnt be THAT drastic.

Also i think she could use a good PK boost. N usually simply yellows and withers away. The brown speckles and shriveld leaves in flower look more like asking for a bloom booster. But again. Please check those runoffs and get back to us

Interesting never thought about rain flushing the soil like that. We got a good downpour here today so I’ll have to wait a few days for the pots to dry out before I can check the runoff. They’re due for a feeding this weekend should will that mess with the runoff values or should I just feed and then measure runoff

Measure then feed going in then check on it coming out. Thatll give u two points to compare. The runoff will be what u had going in plus wat was in the soil. Approximately

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You are showing N and P deficiencies. I would up your feeding regimen including N. Make sure you are drying out completely between waterings and your PH in is correct.


The others have you covered. I’m just stopping by to say you got this, don’t sweat it! :+1:

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Gave the girls a good full strength feed today solutions was 6.8 2050ppm in and run off was 6.5-6.6 3500 ppm
Ph seems fine so I’m assuming I just wasn’t feeding a strong enough solution hopefully this feed solves my issues

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This is double what I would recommend and your runoff indicates a very high level of salts present now. You should not have to feed in flower above about 1,100 ppm or so. I am really questioning the calibration on your PH meter: is it possible it’s off and producing a lockout?

@MattyBear @Hogmaster @garrigan62

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I mean it’s possible it’s off but it was calibrated about two weeks ago, the ppms are high due to my well water source being around 5-600 before ph and nutrients so it’s really only 1000-1500 ppm of nutrients I also Jsut did a flush last week when I first noticed the issues thinking it was salt buildup

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You have to take the total into account. This is why a lot of folks do R/O: the entire amount of solids can be controlled. You definitely have salt buildup based on the high TDS of your runoff. The thing is it looks deficient but other things can look like that: a lockout was my first thought. At that level I would want to flush and reset to a lower value to avoid nuking your plants.

Ok so flush and feed at a lower ppm around 1100 including the initial water. Do I need to flush with all ph or can I flush with the hose then ph a gallon or so per plant then feed?

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I’ve done both ways: what I would actually favor is using some product like Sledgehammer or Flora Kleen and purified water. That product doesn’t require three times the pot volume of water. I use the GH product and it does a nice job in soil, media or hydro. I also use it for the final flush before harvest. So a good product to have on hand.


And try to flush with low ppm water. Like he said RO machines are the new craze. But good ole bottled or gallon water works. U need to lower the ppms. After watering with base 500 ppms (no telling what those solids are) over the course of the grow… im sure something has built up.

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Okay I need a little help myfriend I am shooting for that unicorn fart smoothness the train has arrived all this is going to happen in the next couple days everything looks good on this end. When flashing how long and what numbers are you looking for for this special smoothness. These plants will full fill family’s needs for this winter.THANKS

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Refresh my memory on your setup?

In general (for me):

florakleen per package instructions, straight R/O, PH’d to the medium.

From there, in Promix (coco too): straight R/O until TDS is below 250 ppm. Hydro I got down to below 100 ppm before harvest. You could strip off any plant material that you don’t want at this time. Some call it a ‘lollipop’ but I’m not that extreme. Your call on how far but if in a dry climate leave more leaves on the plant. I’ll explain.

At least 12 hours of darkness and 24, 36 or 48 hours is done all the time. The science is nutrient transport to the roots during night cycle. That in mind, I cut down my plants in dim lighting first thing. Get em off the main stem. I do a bud wash in peroxide to get environmental crap off. It’s repugnant when you do it and recommend it. Another benefit I have seen is my cured flower stays ‘fresh’ longer. Just Youtube ‘Jorge Cervantes Bud Wash’.

I like to dry and cure/jar branches because that’s the generation I’m from haha but I would leave everything I could on the main branches until ready to jar. You may want to wet trim but remember the leaves act as a reservoir for moisture if you need to slow down drying.

That’s one plant.