Lower branches breaking off

The lower branches are breaking off.Should I remove all lower branches or try to support them ? I just assumed they would hook around and create bigger buds than newer growth branches. Second question : I’ve topped and they have grown out… should I bend these over ?

Some pictures will help. You inside or out?

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Outside … the plants are about 5 feet tall in the ground… I’ll work on the picture

Don’t want to jump to conclusions but could be a number of things. Too big of buds (if flowers) could be bugs

No it’s not bugs… they have been in since the first week of June. I was thinking the growth is just too aggressive? I’m guessing these girls won’t flower until next month. Purple haze. I’m at 45 degrees parallel… so quite far north . Fyi : this is my first grow so I am trying to put all of the pieces together for a good amateur strategy

Once buds get on there they will be breaking like crazy.


I agree, you’re going to need to stake the branches.


Keep the lower branches? Thanks guys … now what about topping… they have been topped once…bend them over or let them go


Add some stakes, raise the lower branches off the ground, and tie them to the stakes.

You can also pull the upper branches down a bit to spread them out.

I wouldn’t top, I’d just let her go.


Thanks everyone

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