Low THC Plants -- Looking for Advice

I am looking for an auto strain that is low in THC. I see the “low THC high CBD” strains but am wondering if this is the right choice. For example, the critical mass CBD auto says “Barely THC” in the heading, but then shows 6-9% THC in the chart. I don’t think 6-9% is the same as “barely” any THC.

So, which is it – 6-9% or barely any?

Thanks for the help.

Electra is a strain that has very little THC (1 to 3%) and high CBD, though it may be a challenge to find electra seeds.

Six to 9% is a common THC level for low THC, high CBD hybrids.

I just finished growing Charlottes Angel CBD which is under 1% THC up to 20% CBD. Do you want the low THC or do you even want THC at all?

6-9% would be ideal, I guess I’m just not sure that’s the case with these since the listing also reads “barely THC.” Looking for a little input from the ILGM team.

Check out the ILGM Blueberry CBD, less than 1 % thc and I grew it last grow.Good yield and tasty buds.

It seems like the OP is looking for 6 to 9%. Most CBD strains with “low THC” will be around that level.