Low thc high cbd appetite suppressant

Can someone tell me which strains suppess appetite without getting high

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I know of some strains that enhance apatite and leaves you feeling like a marble sculpture in a Grateful Dead production.

I have been informed (somewhere on this site) that south african veriety’s that have thc-v in them will suppress your appetite. I don’t know if thc-v will get you high or not the only one I can think of having it is Durban poison & it will get you high. It’s a pure sativa I believe. try looking at Leafly & see if they have any articles on it, I believe that where I saw it here had a leafly link to a article.


Ive looked on leafy without luck. I seem to only come across high thc strains that suppress appetite. Im hoping to find a higher cbd strains with all its benefits as well suppressing the appetite

A lot of the times sativa dominate strains are best suited for this, however everyone’s reaction is different.


I smoke Sativas and I have never had a strain suppress my appetite. If I knew one, I would grow it non-stop as I am always hungry.

Also…I smoke CBD’s and they have never been a appetite suppressant either.


This definitely why i leave the clause of, everyone is different. :joy::man_shrugging:


Of course everyone reacts differently. For me…1 gram is a 15 to 45 minute “high.” Usually doesn’t make it past 30 mins. Blue Dream is this time. Now my Peach Puree CBD can go up to 1 hour but no head high…just body.

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Same here. I’ve smoked every type of cannabis on earth and ALL have caused me to resort to a food coma. Not once has it ever suppressed my hunger.

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Thanks everyone

I finally found the web page on Leafly that I was talking about. Here’s the link.

@MrPeat @Covertgrower @PhillyRock @trackwindsor

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Out of their list, I have only smoked Power Plant in Amsterdam back in 2003. I actually got hungry and I mean like hiker hunger which causes a lot of pain in the abdomen. I got totally baked. It knocked me out for 3 hours.

I take these articles like a grain of salt. I do want my appetite to be suppressed as I am hungry 24/7. But I am still searching for appetite suppression.

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@oldmarine you might like this

It’s just above a few posts ^