Low tent humidity


End of week one, seedling stage, tent humidity 43, hooked up duct to vaporizer into lower port on tent, now better numbers. With this maybe no need for humidity dome ?IMG_20180224_221010|375x500



, very interesting. Let us know how it works. I think that’s a good idea. Good luck I hope it works great for you


Seems to be working, through a little tinkering with the vents on tent and adjusting timer on exhaust fan. Normal humidity in tent is in the 40’s, so after this week, should be able to pull it out and be fine for veg. Will keep y’all updated on grow


Great idea! Just keep that thing clean, they can easily grow mold and mildew. :slight_smile:


Yep, was thinking about that and getting ready to take it apart to clean it when I saw you’re reply. I also went and got a little cleaning fish that swims around in the tank and is supposed to keep it bacteria free for 30 days. Will still have to disassemble it once a week to clean scale and deposits from heating element.


Really? I didn’t know you could put a fish in the tank to keep it clean. Lol, excellent!


That’s funny. Kinda on that subject, I saw a small fish tank with a tray on top for growing a small herb garden at home depot the other day, thought it looked pretty neat, everything in one box, other than the fish😉


Do you have a charcoal filter in your tent? If you do then don’t use tap water in that humidifier!! The salts from the tap water will clog your filter in a matter of weeks. Your ventilation will start under performing and your tent will begin to heat up. Mine got clogged and I took the pre filter off and started beating it against a concrete pier in my garage and salt filled the air so bad I could barely breathe.


No, it’s put away until I get some odor happening in there. I saw on another thread to save it til you need to use it, to get more life out of it. Maybe have increased ventilation without it too? I’m only in seedling week 2