Low Temps in the Grow Space are there any problems I may have?

Not really a problem that can be fixed easy and I am not expecting to fix the problem and its the first time I have had temp problems this side of the gauge but its very cold here atm.
I have tried a few things to keep the temps up but attempting to heat the space has been too costly and or risky so I gave up and just use a water heat sink set to 37c to control the worst of it and to keep the roots warm.
Temps out side have been 10-15 Celsius day and -5 to +6 at night. I record everything daily from my grows
so I can tell the temps from every day and over all its been very low.
Other then me thinking the plants have been a little slow off the mark I have had no other problem yet.
In the grow space the temps have been avg 21c day and 11c night (70-52 F)
The highest has been 25.5c (80F) and lowest 8c (46F) and the plants look healthy and are growing normal and its even hard to know if they are really slowed by the temps looking at other grows by ppl mine seem to be at the same point and size for the age.
The plants have always been in the cold so they may have adjusted and weather can be cold in the wild so to speak.
Has anyone had to deal with similar temps ? and if so how did it go ? where there any problems.
I only really have 4-6 week to go and they look on track for a mid to late Aug harvest.

I been battling similar temps since day 1, I planted seeds early April (beginning of Autumn here) so planning for the days ahead was main priority, as this was to be my first grow ever i had to make decisions on which way to go, what to buy, what I could make, and how I was going to try and grow these 5 WW fem seeds i just purchased from Robert.
Cutting a long story short I ended up buying a 2x2x2m tent, 300w led,130w cfl, small ceramic fan heater with a thermostat control. had several cooling fans already, all up cost me around $400 initial start up cost. I’ve since added another 2x600w hps and another 1x1x2m tent,6"carbon filter as the odor was getting out of control lol.
On the onset of winter i noticed i was struggling to keep night time temps up to what i wanted them to be, 22>26 degrees Celsius, so i switched my light cycle (lights on cycle) to run all night (coldest temps similar to what you described above) this switch actually helped a lot and the small heater does the job nicely inside the tent,cutting in and out keeping temp regularly around the 24>25c.
I’m 4 weeks into flower with them now, including 2 weeks pre-flower stage and this what i have managed to achieve so far (see pic below). I’m very proud of my girls lord knows how i got this far with them, as i think I’ve made every known boo boo possible to date burning a couple here n there lol, but hey can’t complain really, I have learned so much from people here over a short period of time its unbelievable to think I got this far considering my climate at this time of year. .


I looked at a heater but I have been to too many fires where heating was to blame and I am not with my plants 24/7.
You wouldn’t believe how many places I have put out have clay balls laying around ?
Sound like your space is bigger then mine making it a bit safer.
I have been looking at a diesel heater that can be put inline and uses about a cup per day and is safe if setup right.
It will be spring soon enough and I will be ok then. It get to 40+ here so summer is a no no.
I have placed my brewing barrel in the space atm it hums along at 30-40C for a just short of a week and gives me co2 so I can recycle the air keeping higher temps (plus I can turn it into whisky later) and I have placed the extraction fan on 15 min on and 15 off to slow the heat escaping so its 2 out side the tent and 25 inside when I checked at midnight so I am happy with that.

They may just stay in suspended animation. I had one in the bathroom with 15 degrees and the lights used for the bathroom for a couple months that neither grew or died.

Mine are still growing and in fact I swapped to 12/12 at 23cm and one is now 65 cm and the other is just under that by 10cm or so.
I have had some success now I am getting 26.5 high and 15 lows and it dropped below 0 again last night.
I am running a oil filled heater at 500w 15 min on 45 off at the coldest parts of the day and night.
Having the fan turn off for 15min is razing my RH to 75 by the end of the 15min off mark but it comes back down quickly after the fan comes back on.

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Update on my fidget girls I have been in and out of hospital and sick in between so I haven’t been on much.
But the ladies are happy and may finish on time or a week or two over.
Temps have been very cold and it isn’t making a big setback so I guess everything else is good.
Lowest I have recorded was 7 Celsius (44f) over the grow and the avg low has been 12 (53f)
I has been around 0-9c (32-48f) outside so it could of been worse.
I think I have 2-4 weeks to go ?
Here are some pictures I took with my new camera of the out side buds I cant get to the back ones yet maybe next week. I use a hose taped to a broom handle to water them :slight_smile:
The smell is amazing, one is sweet almost bubble gum like and the other is sour and very skunkie it reminds me of the early skunk smell but with out the cats piss after smell.


Forget to add I have read silica helps with extreme temps so I have started adding it over the last week better late then never :slight_smile:
And these pictures are at day 50 from switching to 12/12.

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I am really surprised how well they are doing in the cold but I have been making sure every thing else was spot on.
They will yield lowish but the top cola’s are solid now and the lower stuff is getting there too.
I should start the flush Thursday (day 60) or Saturday, I am hoping to get 3-7 days flushing
I did a 40L flush to each pot today to removed any left over nitrogen and gave them their second last PK hit and they will get the last one on Wednesday if it goes the way I expect
Going off the what I have seen with the scope I think the tops with come off and the bottoms with get an extra week

About to start flushing
May start tomorrow or Monday waiting on me feeling its done.
Playing with my new camera again