Low Stress Training. Is This Correct?

So my first grow attempting some low stress training.

Strain is WW Auto from ILGM.

This little baby is is my tallest girl about 7-8 inches of say.

19 days old.

And the only one I’ve tied down so far. I was pretty gentle with her.

Did I do good old heads?


Nice job! I see nothing wrong with that.

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Thanks she took to it pretty well I’d say that one’s not afraid of being tied down ya know what I mean mate

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Looks good just make sure none of the leafs are sitting or touching the soil

Really gets her juices flowing huh?

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Personally I think that’s to high stress of low stress training for autos. Bending them at a 45 degree angle is what I recommend so your still getting height.

Most low stress guides are made for photo plants and told from a photo growers background.

As an almost strickly auto grower I don’t recommend bending plants right over sideways, if that was the case mainlining would be more popular.


I’ll keep that one tied down as is and do less bending on the other 7

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This is a jack herer auto. Around 30 days - very slow starter. Start of LST

She responded well so I kept bending and shaping around the pot

I did not top her.
At harvest - she was one of the best autos I have grown.


Dang look at all those top site cola’s those buds look pretty solid.

I would love to pick your brain more on how you went about tying that girl down the way you did.

Did you start in one direction and slowly bend it around the pot like the hands on a clock?

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See how little stress that would cause. Patience. Let her get taller.


Nice thanks Buds for the link.
This what she looks like right now at 6 hours of light later.

This looks slot better than when I tied her down and put her to bed this morning.

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beardless, those buds look AMAZING! What type of lights did they get like that under?

Looks good 12 hours and she ll be totally vertical again. Indicas really benefit from 2-3 main stalk tie downs sativas I typically only ever tie down once (sometimes none if they grow in a very wide formation early on )then focus more on defoliation.

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? Are those backwards? Or do your sativa dominants not try and shoot up on you? Lol. I’ve accidentally beheaded two in flower on my first grow. Couldn’t stop them going up
Indicas grow bushy

My Mexican airline sativa is the only one that has done that ,strangest thing to it was like all she cared about was getting taller and barely put out any fan leaves most sativas ive grown were like this lemon mimosa and naturally just sent their branches wide

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That’s opposite of traits

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I suppose every set of genetics regardless of our catch all term sativa /indica are going to be unique heck my frosty gelato grew to essentially have 4 main colas naturally they re exactly equal in height and bud density

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Believe it or not a couple of 125 - 130 watt blurples. Bestva 600 Elite on the left and the white one is a King Plus 600

In the middle is a Kind 48" flower bar. During flower also a little FEIT 32w light I use for starting veg & flower seeds.
Based on my kill-a-watt meter they add up to 330 w.
She did produce nice buds


Very slim picking. The first photo - she is small and first bent over is from 8/25. The second one was taken on 9/11. This one is in the middle of those two dates 9/2

She was an unusual auto in that she did not start flowering until 50+ days.
I grew 3 outside. They were also very slow starters. Two were decent plants and the third was a runt. Barley a third the size of the other two. Sometimes you never know? They never made it to harvest. Caterpillars totally destroyed them.

beautiful buds! This is my first grow and I have that same Bestva light. My plants are doing good…I’m thinking I will buy another light for my 2nd grow. I have my BESTVA light close to the plants…about 12". So, I will see what I can achieve with just the Bestva close to my White Widow CBD Autoflower plants.