Low Stress Training Initiation

3 Autoflowers from ILGM…

1 Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
1 G13
1 Purple Kush

26 DAYS since put in soil/22 DAYS since sprouted. This is my first indoor grow and first aunt flower grow. I’m using a 210 watt KIND K3 XL300 2SERIES in approx. a 3’x3’ area.

LST started 2 days ago…







I tried LST on my GSCE auto also and well, I ended up with quite a main. Ooops.

I suspect you might end up with similar results on that one - she’s already stretching and will get quite enthusiastic about it. Mine is 24 inches tall, which doesn’t sound like much but her tent mate (different strain) is 14 inches.

Good luck!

You’re in flower already so not a lot of time left for the LST.

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If you could use your flash for pics next time, it would be great.

Yeah that’s what i figured too. How much more do you think it will grow.? Right now I am exposing the lower branches on the gsc so her lower canopy is reaching for the sky but I know a little late on that one.

The PPK seems to be responding really well as all her bottom shoots are shooting straight for the sky and the G13 is super bushy but her nodes underneath are reaching for the sky as well.

Im hoping I didn’t start LST too late on them but hey at least I tried! First time so we will see. Any comments be much appreciated thanks

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Looks like you’re right at the beginning of flower so you have a couple weeks for the stretch. After the stretch you won’t see much more plant growth but your bud sites will take off. this will be where the excitement comes in :grin::grin:
Your plants are on the small side but they look healthy so you have that going for you. Autos are a weird breed so can never guess the outcome on any given plant. Some give you more time than others.
I would only train or defoliate for bud sites now. The stems will have less play in flower becoming more stick like. if you continue on your likely to have breaks.

@BigItch i had a bit of an accidental unplanned topping happen on my purple Kush!! I was fixing the tie up near the top of the plant (between the fifth and sixth node) when the stem just broke right in half…

I had attempted to tape the branch back on and got it taped pretty good, but then i decided against that because of the location on the plant.

So it turns out the plant has now been accidentally topped just above the fifth node. Which from my understanding is the exact place you would want to top though I was not planning on it, especially in my first grow.

Also, I know it is a little late to top an auto. It’s clear that the purple is in its very early flowering stages as pistils have formed at each bud site. I. Hoping this doesn’t negatively impact my yield!!:frowning::frowning::frowning:.

But then again topping can greatly increase yield so that is my hope. But will keep an eye on her over next couple of days and report back.

Also each plant is about 1 week into flowering I believe, even though they are only 30days in soil/26 since sprout currently, so it seems like they have started to flower a bit earlier than I would have liked. First time growing autos, but idk I think I like more control over my veg and time…but we shall see! I’m hoping for at least 4ounces each plant could that be doable still or will I have to wait couple more weeks to really be able get an idea?.

Pictures of accidental topping in next post.

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You’re to late in the game for any of that… at this point concentrate on spreading your plant out to allow the most light. Topping won’t help this late but also won’t hurt too bad if you spread her out. Just keep on trucking lesson learned which is the best thing that can happen on a first grow .
You got this.

@BigItch yeah it was an accidental topping :confused:didn’t mean for her to snap. And I know it’s a little late but hoping it won’t stunt her too much. I believe 2 new colas should still be able to form??.

Here are the pics…

Based on where it’s at you have a very good chance of the two below becoming dominant colas. Will they be as big as the accidental snap we will never know :grin:.
I recently bought these for breaks … always good to have on hand . Can just add aloe or honey and clamp your break

hey guys what kind of nutrients would you recommend at this stage for autoflowers?? I am just starting week 4 and the ladies are right around a week into flowering (some around 5 days). My soil mixture contains FoxFarm Ocean Forest (80%) and coco coir (20%). I have not used any nutes yet as the FFOF contained the proper amount for up to this point.

I have looked around a bit. I have a 20%off coupon for Lotus nutrients that came with the Kind lights I bought. However they are still quite expensive. The ILGM pack contains pre flowering nutes I don’t need.

And being that I already use Foxfarm I was considering getting the Foxfarm Soluble trio pack, which includes “Open Sesame” for early flower, “Beastie Bloomz” for mid flower, and “Cha-Ching” for late flower. And not a bad price (about $41 for the trio; 6oz. Containers).

Has anyone else tried this combo??
Or recommend any of the other nutrient packs from Foxfarm??

She is doing well since her accidental topping. The top node now has 2 nice shoots where the top once had been. Further LST on lower branches have also caused them to thrive…so she seems to be doing pretty good!!

Paulette (purple Kush)

What’s her ppm run off numbers. She quite small so I’m guessing your soil isn’t even close to being depleted yet.
There are tons of options out there don’t limit your options to just foxfarm products… IMO

Yes she is a a bit small. Her sisters Henrietta (GSC) and Geraldine (G13) are a bit bigger.

Henrietta is a taller plant, and it’s nodes are farther apart and bit more spread out (lst but no topping).

Geraldine is super bushy so I have tied her down a bit a pruned some of the large fan leaves covering the lower shoots and lower canopy, with the top couple nodes bent over also exposing lower nodes. Soo bushy lst has been a bit tough with branches so close together and many small leaves, but the bud sites are looking nice and producing.

As far as the ppm, I am waiting on a meter to come in the mail soon…so I won’t be just blindly jumping into nutes but I know will need some around week 5 or 6.

Since I don’t need veg or any pre flower nutes I was considering the FFsoluble trio pack which includes 3different mixtures each made for different stages of flowering. And I used ffof soil, so figured would stick with same brand since should work well together…

Are there any other bloom nutes people would recommend for starting around week 5 of autoflower, which will be approx 1-2 weeks into flower depending on plant…. ???

I was taking a look at LOTUS BLOOM nutes and the FF trio pack as mentioned. But also other brands too. Is there a particular npk ratio or type anyone would recommend?. Also liquid or water soluble?.

I am growing in soil FF(80%)/COCO COIR(20%).