Low Stress Training help

Thursday will be 3 weeks since planting in soil. I am looking for any advice to continue towards a healthy high yield grow.

I am planning to use LST to help increase my yield but wanted to ask, when should I expect to begin this?

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I start when I can pull the top to the side of the pot and it reaches. Of the 4 I have going now, the one that got the biggest bend in the beginning is currently the biggest plant

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Way too soon to try any lst as they r super low still. Depending how many nodes r there u can find or top them possibly if that’s an option u wanna shoot for but no lst now as they would be laying on the dirt if u did anything to them now

You can start now if you want to ,

I always wait until they’re around 12 to 15 inches, and 6 or 7 nodes, then I top, and when the new tops get long enough, I start tying things down like this.