Low stress training first time grower

Am I doing this right? These are 17 day old autos.

I’m doing a mainline and then LST. Can’t really tell from your pics but look through the forum and sure you will find some tips…good luck.

Maybe try typing in LST in the search box

I think they look good!! Now the lower branches will come up!!

Looking good so far just pull over the top a little at a time and keep the other branching even they should do fine. Looks like your on your way to a great start!!

Exactly - you see those 3 small sets of leaves on the middle pic? Those will eventually grow into colas of their own. Your just trying to slow the taller branches and let those catch up by getting more direct light than they would before bending the large ones out of the way. When top you get 4 obviously since you have to bend the top with lst you will cover one up but can’t top an auto so better than nothing and no stress delay to boot. Good job keep tweaking :+1:

Did some more training today

You can’t top a auto ?? Thank God I read this because I was debating on topping my girls but now I know better . Thank you !

If just starting out I wouldn’t - if you’re comfortable with you’re genetics you can top if really early once (like after 3-4 nodes) when she’s too early to even be able to flower.

I just planted my first auto and don’t plan on topping just a lot of lst and being aggressive early on. Good luck👍

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Three weeks out of soil today. Does the training look ok?


Looks good. Now when it gets some height you can keep spreading her out letting new colas come up. Just try to slowly make a canopy while keeping everything at the same height.

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Getting nervous about training in flower stage but they just keep growing.

I only grow autos and top and Fim every single one. I just do it early on and make sure they will have time to recover!! It’s very possible to do!!

I’m just bending except one I am trying the star. They look so small but they’re all tied down. 34 days out of soil and day 8 with pistils