Low stress training autoflower

Frist timer here , bent one of my autos over this morning, was wondering how long do i leave it in one position, thanks

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They will need to stay that way, or they’ll want to just stand straight back up. Man. So many jokes come to mind…

For example lol…

I try to bend mine over in the evening, seem to respond better than first thing in the morning. And I change positions when it starts to hurt, cramp, etc…


As it grows just keep securing it down as other branches shoot up train them down too before you know it you have a bush


Lots of very useful info in that post…you may not want to top yours, but the the rest of the post applies to what I believe your looking for.
Looks good so far btw and keep updating us with your progress.

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Yup, keep them secured down as they grow out.

Hit me up if you got any questions.


seems to be coming along, snapped my main stem Friday morning ,tapped it up sh3 seems to be coming back nicely. It was the bottom left (northern lights). Thanks for all the advice


Hi @NavyVet420,I have a gsc autoflower that’s very short and very bushy having a problem with lst.very short stems with tons of leaves.

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@NavyVet420 thanks for your service

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@Tancred1096, thanks and how can I help?

I have some gsc autoflowers in veg very short but very bushy many nodes.and huge fan leaves.iam trying to use lst but branches to short and using fabric pots.
Thanks @navyvet420 :us_outlying_islands::us_outlying_islands:

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Get some butterfly office clips and use those to secure string/rope/wire to side of pot. You can still use same technique.

Thank you sir!@@@

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i used clothes pins

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This is what iam talking about!

How tall should they be whey do that first bend? I am a couple of days beyond two weeks from seed dropped into glass of water and have my fourth set of true leaves showing at the top. The nodes(?) are really bunched up.


I leave mine tied down til they harden off…which just means the branches are so thick and stiff, they’ll no longer “bounce back” from their bondage. I’ve noticed this is about when the pistils go from just hairs to hairs coming out of fat little calyxes. Once they’re in full bloom, I undo the training ties, and let them grow as they, with a bit of tucking, here and there.

A lot of people don’t untie, ever, but rather keep adjusting the training til harvest. Some set them free, after a bit. It’s up to your own style of growing.


Mine were at 3 weeks here

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The lower tie is a sorta hold back, I planted the seeds off center this time , to try and get better coverage

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As you can see, LST is the best way to produce many more bud sites.