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Haven’t grown in about 10 years. The autos caught my attention, so here I am.

Info, tips, and tricks are welcomed and appreciated.

One sprouted the 22nd of March.
The other (smaller) one popped around April 1st. The smaller one started off completely different than the other. Everything has been done the same, almost appears to be a different pheno. It also has an issue, but it doesn’t seem to be spreading.

So I will start this journal off with todays update…

AGE: 28/19
PH 6.2
5ML Grow Big
5ML Big Bloom
5ML Kelp Me Kelp You

Older one received 500ML
The other received 300ML

Last fed 4.15 with cal-mag water.


They look beautiful hook luck

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Thank You Mefis!


I have 2 autos to they re starting they 2 week and I know how is feel see you girls get big lmao

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The whole idea of the autoflower seems cool. I don’t know if I’m comfortable with the lack of control, or light schedule though. Good luck with your grow!

forgot to mention-

Lights around 18” from canopy on a 20/4 schedule.
Humidity and temp are usually 45-50/70-75


Light schedule is perfect I have the same other ppl said 24 h or 18/6 but you want more field and less bills in power so that what I do
And the light distance I have my on 23" cuz I don’t want to burn them I have a 2x2x4 tent so I have my light all up


I’ve read the arguments here about light schedules. Lol. 20 seems like a decent place to be. TBH I will be going to 18/16 or 6/2 when it starts to flower.

Your girls look perky and happy. Do you have a journal? The second pic, did you run into problems with her? Or does she have dried water/solution on the leaves?

Yeah :joy: my girls look beautiful on the second pic I ask and they said is a variagate plant is some mutation but I see one auto pic with same problem and the field are crazy beautiful and big so I was scare for see the leaf curve and some part yellow and white color and I was thinking I was water ph problem and from 6.5 I feed here with normal water and start take color dark green but a guy said don’t worry is go to change color

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Crazy part is both re trade in the same way and one re small with different colors and leaf and the other re healthy af lol

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Right, It is odd… autos seem to be prone to problems, mutations, and have inconsistent results.


I literally have the same exact setup! I’m a rookie and learning. Planted 3 auto seeds I purchased from ILGM grand daddy purp! I’m hearing for autos nutes and transplanting are a no no?!?! Good luck

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I’ve read the same thing in regards to transplanting. I think that comes down to how careful you are during the process, but why risk it? To each their own…

They also say no topping, some even say no LST… that it could result in stunting. I’m doing both. Defoliating along the way as needed. Maybe not on the smaller one, because it doesn’t look very healthy to me.

And because I have 0 ppm water I have been using cal mag on almost every watering. Fed with nutrients at 1/4 recommended dosage.

I’m go to do lst to my no topic but I hear about transplant and if you don’t are professional don’t do cuz in auto is short time to recovery but other is good for you field and I have cal mag and flora trio for nute and is good to nute you plant just need to know went cuz in my case I need to wait to feed cuz I’m in soil and my soil have nute to the 3 week so is depends of how you grown you plants

Do you have 3 auto and how big is u tent ? And what can light do you have?

I have 5 GG autos in a 4x4x7 tent going about 5 and 6 weeks from sprout… i fimmed and topped the oldest two, left the middle one and one young one alone and fimmed the other young one twice now, and have all 5 pulled over to the side (LST) … One of the oldest 2 really took off the other kinda lagging but catching up a little, the other 3 while younger are considerably smaller …who knows maybe they are stunted…time will tell as i do not know cuz this is my first grow.


Autos are a bit more sensative to everything. I start off nuyes at quarter strength and move up from there each water if it dont show no signs of damage. If u catch autos atvthe right time for everything u can have amazing results with them as wrll. Downside of autos not as much yoeld buds usually come out alot softer or teally loght and airy they cannot handle stress like photos. Usually aitos start to flower on their own between 28 and 42 days from sprout. If u do defols like 3 weeks after sprout and watch the plant when u see pistils start showing mark that as day 1 fllwer and at day 21 of flower u should see the plant look like it stopped doing everything for a day or 2 or so do defol again at this time sane at day 42 of flower as soon as u see like the plants not doing anything new do defol again then 2 weeks before u chop it down i strip off all the fan leaves and let the loght get the buds. Here is a 420 fastbuds original nubblegum auto i just harvested. Grown in vanna coco using jacks 321 and some AN additives

Dont let any1 discourage u from trying things woth autos they r more sensative but they can also take a little abuse if u do the abuse at the right times. @Nicky @Not2SureYet are auto growers and they have amazing turnouts of 5+ oz per plant and thats a huge win for autos. Maybe they will ring in and follow along also because its autos. Welcome have fun and good luck.


Omg yeah is crazy you harvesting is a gold get 5+ oz I just expect 3 on each baby and is my first grown ever


My very first autos brought between 2 and 4 each up to about 5 to 6 trying for more lol. Photos my first ever brought me 15 oz and 3.t grams and 189 gr of trim to do bubble hash i bet 50% of the trim was larfy buds i didnt wanna trim so they went for bubblehash


Cool :sunglasses: I go to see how much oz I can get from my girls

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So yesterday was the first “real” feeding thus far. The plants perked up afterwards and are still perky today, even the one that looks unhealthy seems better off. Which makes me wonder if I should of done this on the last watering as well… by this I mean, utilizing the nutrients in post 1. Just additional LST today.

I don’t water to run off, Should I be?
I watered the first time heavily to run off with calmag. Since then 300-500ml.

I’m currently dialed to 60 watts between the 2 sf1000 lights at 18” from the canopy. 200 watts available. Any input on this?

Nutrients and equipment available:
Grow Big
Big Bloom
Tiger Bloom
Kelp me Kelp You
Alaska Fish fertilizer
Mykos by EG

PH up/down
PH Meters water and soil
TDS meters
Humidifier/de humidifier
A number of timers and monitors such as inkbird.

Is there anything else I should pick up?

Idk if you were talking to me…
2 indoor autos, and 2 sf1000s
They are in the 2x2.

Very cool, I’ll have to look into your grow. Thanks for sharing.

Good stuff! I’m really curious about soilless mediums and the jacks line that seems to be gaining so much popularity.

Where are you at? Do you have any pics or anything?

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