<>< Low’s Grow ><> (Part 1)

You or the meat?? lol




I think the correct answer is… yes.


Looks fantastic Low bro!


Thanks buddy, have you ever made a gravy with the drippings?


Yes I have!!! Made leftover SOS over toast and it was awesome :call_me_hand:t3:


Sweet! Thank you :pray:


looking dam tasty brother


Mods…… ban this guy for a day for making me hungry :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Thats delicious I can smell it from here


Lmao @Bluntsmoke … you and me both :rofl::call_me_hand:t3:


Low is there any cookbook you can recommend?

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Good Morning Cultivators,

Since the last update I have removed majority of large fan leaves. I have been top feeding daily. Temps are low so growth is slow.

Today they will be getting:

Kelp it Real
Photo Plus
Fish Sh!t
TPS Billions

It turned out delicious! Melt in your mouth. 2 year old seemed to really love it. Left overs going into pizza tonight.

LOL I’ll take that as a compliment. :joy:

Hmm… I’m not sure really. All the recipes I’ve collected and come up with over the years are in a cookbook I made and stored on my phone. :man_shrugging: most of the time I just wing it though.


Hmm where r u at again I have some here if not bad I’ll shit I one or 2. I have 2 300w vipars blue and white lights or 1x 600w which had veg and bloom switches veg is blu and white bloom is like red white orange look and both together on is like full spec. This light pushes out some nice heat not excessive but nice and I think would be nice for a veg spot not too big but not too small. The 600 may be of good amount of heat to add. It put 3 to 5 degrees more to my 4xú room when I added it to see if it helped with the flowers lol. Had to remove it tho as I kept busting my head in it Everytime I went into the room.


Shoot from the hip is how I roll things that worked or just need a little tuning.


Midwest! Since that suggestion I dug through some of my old gear and came across 4 OLD unbranded blurples. No idea the heat they put out brotha but I’m going to give it a shot for low temps when I get the chance. :pray:

Same here! Kinda just make changes the next time if something doesn’t work out!

Ended up making the brisket gravy to go over the brisket and it was a hit! Will likely be doing that again. Maybe 2 cups beef broth 1/2 cup drippings… didn’t exactly measure the flour just kept adjusting for consistency.


awesome, did you find a new pizza recipe to try out yet?

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Just keep them up high so u don’t burn the plants at all just to add the heat. If in a tent have u tried to have a fan blowing downward from top of tent to push some of the heat downward maybe not exhaust it out as fast possibly too. Shit lately my exhaust is on between 1 and 3 I keep around 80 lights on and 70 lights out humidity is between 40 and 50 right now but they r small and hopefully spreading roots. Lol. Did a nice dose of mykos and great white when transplanted so we shall see soon.

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Next time add a pack of au just mix to the gravy u make it add such a good flavor for meats like that. And if u want to have a gravy that don’t turn white as u thicken use corn starch as the thickener like a nice heaping tbsp and third cup of water and mix the 2 good so it’s watery and as soon as u dump into the gravy mix u need to stir. The warmer the gravy sauce gets the thicker it gets. If it don’t thicken enough add a little more same way mix with a little water. Once u do this once u will have a good idea how much corn starch it’ll take to thicken the amount of gravy u r making. It will look like it whitens the gravy at first but clarifies al mm ost right away. Soon as it gets to the thickness u want or like take it off the heat it won’t thicken anymore without the heat. Doesn’t add color or taste to the food just some thickness lol


I believe we are doing a stuffed pizza tonight. So, crust- cheese- sauce mixed with a ton fillings- more cheese -crust-sauce-then parm.

Will do. Exhaust is low as it can go. but all the air is coming from the top of the room. Tents around 65-70 lights on.

I keep forgetting to get corn starch to use that as a thickener… lol where were you yesterday?! Haha


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