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Not that question I was to noobgrown but u plants look beautifully I my question is what soil you used? And some soil have nute to 4 weeks and the big bby is ready to feed I think is 1/8 of all nutes in that time the small don’t need but I said 1/8 cuz I see a guy that he feed the autos 1/4 on seeling time 1/8 on veg and 1/2 on flower but maybe someone have better scheduled for feed

And I think yeah the big girl need to be runoff

My Lil gg4 baby :baby:, if it was not for the forum on my first plant ever , maybe 2-3 ounces this time yeah !


Fox Farm Happy frog.
I’m considering a flush in a few days.
I filter my water, and it removes too many solids… 0 ppm, so I supplement cal mag on almost every “plain watering.”

That is looking really good!
Have any details about how you got it where it’s at currently?
Keep it up!

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@low , a few , I don’t used liquid concentrates in veg , only oh water , cal mag , seaweed and fish and ah Lil blue magic , everything they need in veg I put in the soil to carry them into flower before I used any nutrient additives or bloom enhancers.

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@ low I read a post here but I was in last flower stage go to harvest that if you don’t flush you plants the tasted of the bud re better

@ I’m in the same soil and they said you don’t need cal/mag until week 4


You are correct in general, but when your water has 0 ppm it needs to be supplemented.

Looking good , small big plant still happens to me too

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Thanks. It’s a bit odd but it is what it is.

I’m thinking about trashing the small one. Feel like I may be wasting my time with it, considering it’s condition and slow growth. Just because it’s an auto and I feel like it won’t bounce back to where it should be.

TBH I’m kind of regretting autos already. Lol, but now I know.


Doing a flush today or tomorrow

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Hopefully it’s ok I tag some of you.


Yeah I’d probably trash it and start up another. Autos that don’t get off to a good start don’t seem to do well or produce much yield.


@low do you have picture of the small don’t get out of here if is just grown slow cuz sometimes auto grown slow I think is some genetic

And the big one feel she go fast


@Hellraiser I see one plant with variagetion genetic and in the end the yields look crazy

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This my small variagetion bby today


Great start! Just for fun, here is my Lemon Haze auto (I will admit it is not an ILGM seed so that may be the issue) on her 17th week of life on this planet. I hope yours are faster. My Critical Mass photos are already harvested and dried and curing. This LH was supposed to be for an interim crop to get us to harvest on the CM. And we ran out of homegrown and had to drive to Colorado. Grrr…lesson, calculate your usage and add to it as it does go up when you have homegrown, and plan for the next grow. I was shocked that 28 ounces of Critical Mass will last us around 9-10 weeks. Hence, I am going to do some more autos for interim in a greenhouse this time and pray we don’t have to make the expensive trip to Colorado again. :nerd_face:


@low if you don’t feed the big one with water is time to runoff

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@kikigee look beautifully damn lol I start with auto cuz my tent are small and is my first grown ever so far I’m in week 2


The problem is that she is a beauty queen and put more energy into fan leaves. I was experimenting to see how it would work to stick autos in with photos. I think a couple of things has slowed her flowering down but not her leaves: one, the 12/12 light schedule may have efffected it in a tent. I think 18/6 is better for autos and since the photos are done I moved it back to that. Also, I used Emerald Harvest nutes for the hydro photos, and gave this plant half of that hydro res with that and half well water. Not one single singed tip. I have now moved back to just filtered pH’d well water and some bud boosters (King Kola and HoneyChome). Maybe she will start tightening up soon. The companion LH got dinged early with wrong nutes and nearly died, nearly threw it away. Then it bounced back, never big plant, but gave us some nice 22 g of herb.

Lesson learned: while I will always say an experiment needs repeated several times or more, I am thinking having photos and autos in same tent is not great. It won’t gain you anything and all this time with the LH I could have had a bigger yield with a photo. But who know? Next time might be different.

Experiment with them. They are pretty cool plants. They do a good job to bend as much as they can to their environment and make the best of it. They aren’t called weed for nothing. :laughing:

Edited: that 17 week and counting LH? That is a supposedly 8 week finisher. Lol


@KikiGee now I give 20/4 light later 18/6 in flower stage 12/12

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