Low Ryder auto leaves curling

Strain; low Ryder auto

Age from Sprout: 21 days

Soil: 50/50 FFOF and FFHF with the seed started in a peat pod

How often do you water and how do you determine when to do so? 250 ml ro water with cal mag every other day

PH of water: 6.4

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor

Light system, size and height from plants: HLG 260 v2 rspec dimmed to about 25%, 14 inches

Temps; Day, Night: 76, 70

Humidity; Day, Night: 54, 46

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: yes, 2 cloud line t6, s6

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: humidifier

Co2; Yes, No: no

Hey all, my latest attempt is off to a pretty good start but recently the leaves have started curling down. Decided to bring it to the brain trust here for some guidance. I haven’t started nutes yet, I was planning on that next week.

How long ago did you transplant?

No supplements! You are in hot soil and has the beginning appearance of nute burn. The leaves have sort of a ‘crepe’ look but I believe that’s strain-related. Be careful of overwatering.

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You didnt transplant that did you ?

I am new also, but I found this. Pic 1 is a nitrogen deficiency. Pic 2 is under watering. But like I said I am new to growing.

I didn’t, I planted the peat pod right into the full size pot.

Nope, I started in the full pot

All right then lol. Do you think I’ll need to use nutes further into the grow?

Does nutrient burn cause curling, or are you referring to the bottom leaves with the spots? @Myfriendis410

Hello @TripleB. While I am by no means an experienced grower, I am learning so much each day. I am in my first grow attempt to be honest.

What I noticed was the size of your pot. It seems like a large pot and a good size plant for only 250 ml. I have two different strains going in 0.5 gallon fabric pots that I watered today. The northern lights took 480 ml, and the Amnesia took 540 ml before run-off. So far watering has been every 2-3 days with a noticeable increase this week. They are 3+ weeks since breaking soil.

As @rbwattsy2 shared in one photo, looks like too little water. Search the forum using “watering” as a key word. So much knowledge and willingness to help here.

Good luck. I’ll check in and see how it’s progressing.

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Bottom leaves die off and go away fairly early in the grow. Gotta discount them.

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I just went through this same problem same soil mix. Ff nutes. Thought it was nitrogen then thought it was calmag. It was nute burn.
If your using ff nute I wouldnt use more then 1 1/2 tablespoons per gallon.of any of the nutes used. I’d ph your water to 6.0 to 6.2. I’d turn that light up and that plant should be drinking about a gallon a week at this point. Maybe a little less


@TripleB Woah there cowboy!! FFOF is a super hot soil and you are adding nutes on top of that? Autos do not like hot soils or too much in the way of nutrients. Go to Royal Queen Seeds site and look up their Autoflower soil recipe. It is Compost, Peat, Perlite, and vermiculite. What strength were you feeding them? no more nutes, in fact you need to flush that plant with straight water until you get about 20% or so runoff out of the pot, and then hopefully she might recover. Fingers crossed for you my man!

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P.S. In terms of knowing how to water properly get yourself a cheap moisture meter. It will help you to see the moisture level at certain phases in the grow, and then after a while it becomes second nature.


I have one already actually, forgot I had it. This may be obvious but I’m guessing you water when it reads dry until it’s in the moist area and repeat?

I haven’t started nutes yet, I was planning to next week. I was thinking the nutes in the soil would be enough for the first 4 weeks but then nutes would be needed after.

Yes, the meter will give you a gauge as to when they will need to be watered. Just watch those leaves, if the are out and happy and not drooping then she has enough moisture.

In terms of using nutrients, my recommendation would be to contact Fox Farm and ask them how long the nutrients in FFOF will last in correlation with the size container you have your plants in, before you go feeding them. Like I had said, FFOF is known to be a very hot soil, and auto flowers do not like to be in too hot of a soil, it is too much for them to process. Fox Farm nutrients are also quite strong, so when you do go to feed your girls, my recommendation would be to feed them at a 1/4 of the strength that Fox Farm is saying to use. After that you want to observe and see how they respond to what you fed them. Another suggestion would be to get a PPM pen, and measure your run-off water following your next full watering, this will let you know what levels of nutrients are present in your soil. Go to Royal Queen Seeds site like I had suggested and look at their auto flower soil recipe. Good Luck!!

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yes that is correct :slight_smile: