Low runoff ph level

My white widow is 28 days in flower. i am having problem with low ph level in my runoff. i fed it flora 3 part system (.5-1-1.5) that’s cutting everything in half. My fed level 6.9 my runoff come out 5.9-6,should i raise my ph higher on my next feed which is Tuesday

This has been addressed in another topic you started. Why are you starting another topic?

As a general rule, you do not need to check runoff PH unless you are having an issue. Then it is only a starting place for a diagnosis of that issue.

IN your grow, you have had the PH all over the place. PH correctly and move on. Patience is the only answer. Wait to see what happens with new growth.

Topic closed. Please continue to post in the topic you started, whereas we can all keep up with what is going on

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