Low PPM run off but slight nute burn?

Hey guys my plants are 2 weeks in since I saw first pistilis, they are in coco using GHE nutes with r/o water my average PPM going in is 550-600 I’m told this is low for plants in bloom, my PPM out is on average 250 with the two bigger plants only having 170 out the very tips of my leaves are just showing some burn I was told this is OK as its very light burn and means I’ve pushed them a little to produce.

My question is now this burn is stabilised and getting no worse and the PPM out its low can I and should I look to up my nutes a little?

Pic of the burn

My plants seem to be doing well but if I don’t want to miss the chance to up my yield if I can do so.

On a side note my P. H out seems high but the plants show no sign of distress, should I ignore this for now as it doesn’t seem to be a problem I usually 5.8 in 6.2 out but I’ve been seeing 6.5 out just lately with no adverse signs.

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Your plants look good ! The minimal amount of nute burn is almost a normal thing for me. Personally I would feel comfortable uping it a little.

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Thank you, this was my thoughts the burn has stopped traveling up the leaves so I don’t think they are being burned now.

Should I just up th main nutes and leave the other additives as they are? I’m using GHE trio and GHE Bloom booster, as well as silicone, calmag and folic acid

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I would just up the Main nutes a little. And watch how the plants respond. I am very cautious I don’t like to burn my plants up.


I might up it 100 ppm and see how it goes, I only check runoff once a week but I’ll check after each watering while I experiment

Your plants look great BTW :ok_hand:

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If you blow the picture up a little and look at the two autos in the back you can see the little bit of nute burn on the tips

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Well hopefully I can pack some more weight on the buds now I’m around 14 days since first pistilis and the recommended flower period on these is 63 days so they have time to bulk up :grin:

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Yes , they have plenty of time, and the Breeders guide is just a estimate not uncommon to run over the estimated flower time.

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Hopefully they don’t go too long over I already had an extra long veg with one plant showing signs of distress so waited on it to pick up before I flipped the lights. Either way they should be worth the wait

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You got some great help. Plant looks fine, like you I’d up the TDS by 100 to 150 ppm and see how she does.

Couple of questions: do you water daily? Coco needs to be. When you do, what is your feed to water schedule? If you are doing feed/water/feed/water you may not be able to go much higher than 750 ppm but if you are doing a f/f/f/w cycle you can adjust water-only days into your regimen.

Also; adding cal mag on water only days can allow you a higher solution concentration of base nutes instead of base 3 + cal mag.

PH of 6.5 out is okay for where you are. More than likely it will take a strong dip in the other direction later in flower.


@Myfriendis410 you have answered so many questions for me lol, on the plus side I am starting to help people on here with the bits I now know :grin:

I have been using high frequency feeding so feed/water/feed every day while lights are on. I’ve used this all the way through so far.


What size are your containers?

Are you saying to add cal-mag only on the days you skip nutes and not to use cal-mag on nute days so as to add more room for base nutes? This sounds like an excellent idea, but is cal-mag every 3rd or 4th day enough to avoid calcium deficiency?

Watch your plant and let it decide. It’s much easier to add supplements than it is to subtract, in general. So that’s how I’d approach it.


20 litres