Low ph run off. Purple Kush

purple kush, 80 days above ground, been fighting what i thought was mag def, today i checked ph on runoff and it was 5.7. so i found my problem, i flushed it till i got run off at 6.3, but it took ph of 8.4 to get it there, not sure where to go with this plant for future waterings and feedings, getting ready to flipp them, basement grow, 75 deg, 55 humid, fox farms soil and full nute line per chart, 50%, 75% last feed, other 2 pk doing good and 3 durban poison doing good, hlg 600 and hlg300r. 30” from canopy. thanks

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You may have already resolved your situation. Ph is a huge factor the way plants absorb nutrients. Watch the new growth and as long as it looks good, I think you got it.

What percentage is your light turned up? About 75%? (Guessing)

If you’re not adding epsom salt for the additional magnesium I would.


If you are having problems managing pH it might be due to salt buildup and a flush may be helpful.


the 600 led is at 440w, the 300 is max, over my two biggest plants. so my question is, what should i ph my next feed at? the last run off after flushing was 6.3, but it took 8.4 to get there. yes some epson salts at 1 tblsp per gallon, and also calmag,

I flushed 15 gal through her to get it at 6.3

Im not sure how to handle the next feeding ph, do i ph at normal 6.3 ish? and check run off? or go higher ph?

6.3 and check run off.

ok thanks. ill go easy on the first couple feedings to slowly get her back on track,is adding epson salts at 1 tsp per gallon and the normal does of 1 tsp per gallon of calmag too much salt? because i beleive thats where the problem started.

I am using Jacks nutrients, and use 1.75 grams of epsom salt per gallon.

Help, now ive got this goin on, ive been treating it as cal def, but also looks like leaf seporia, basement grow. its coming on quick, i have small fruit fly looking bugs on my sticky traps is that the problem?

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