Low marijuana yield

A question from a fellow grower:

Im struggling with my grows…9 plants per light and only getting 12 ozs under 600 watt hps. What can I do to max the yield and what nute line should I be using.thnx for your time

Please give us more info…

What are you growing in. pots, hydro?

What type of medium are you using?

As far as nutrients… I like these kits.

I make my own solution that works for Soil or Hydro
Dutch Master is an excellent brand of nutrients. i like it because, It is very similar in ingredients to my own custom mix. I use 5 different parts. advanced A and B, for veg, and flower. Zone for the reservoir. (hydro only), Silica, and MAX Bloom. I use more A and B flower than anything and buy the 5 liter size in the A and B. The Zone, Silica, and MAX Bloom…I buy in qt/liter? size, and all last a long time.

I also like Botanicare Pure Blend Pro. They also make a veg and bloom formula, or you can switch to CNS 17 bloom and ripe for flowering and finish. Not very expensive.

When I 1st started years ago; I use GH 3-part, Liquid Karma (great additive for clones seedlings and stress), calmag+. This line can be manipulated widely from grow to flower by changing the ratios to meet your needs in any particular stage of growth. But, That is another story).

Hope this helps. Will be glad to clarify anything you do not understand. Answer my questions :smiley:

Make sure you are making good use of the light you have. Make sure you have an effective and efficient reflector or hood spreading your light evenly on your floor-space. Make sure you are training your plant or plants (DO NOT CUT OFF HEALTHY FAN LEAVES), making sure you have a sea of green of sorts – a bunch of tops/colas, from a bunch of small plants or one plant – super cropped, monster cropped and scrogged to make sure all your floor-space is covered evenly with “tops” and also make sure you are keeping your light close enough to your plants without burning or bleaching your tops.

And make sure you are not over watering, over fertilizing, and are using a good balanced feeding regiment. A good way to simplify this process and be sure you are giving the right amount of nutrients at the right time is using ILGM’s recommended http://www.marijuanabooster.com/

Finally harvested and dried two plants. Even though they were both only about two feet tall they were they had buds and good smoking. I have three left and growing more, which brings me to the next question. Shouldn’t they be taller? The smoke is great but the yield is not what I expected. I have photos on you tube under lavakane Fan , At first I was being too carefull about watering because al of a sudden there were not to many leaves but flowers. And they were spread apart. I have increased how often I’m watering to every other day but one if not two have flowered and there is amber showing up. Should I harvest now? Check out the videos and pics and let me know and BTW thank you , this was my first time and I need to get better

Glad things seem to be going well. What Videos/Piks

Don’t worry. You will get better. Your next grow will likely be significantly larger in yeild. Everyone, no matter the discipline/skill, no matter how much you’ve read or studied, sometimes some things just need to be learned, hands on, by actually physically doing it.

Potentially there are all kinds of reasons your plants didn’t get bigger than a couple of feet.

The number one thing that will limit your over all size, even if everything else has been done perfectly, is how soon you start the flowering cycle, the plant won’t grow much more after that, only growing about another third its size after the start of flowering and certainly no more than double it size. So remember you need to get most of the plant’s size grown and done and over with before even thinking about starting the flowering cycle.

The next two biggest factors would be the intensity of light and the size of the pot/growing container as well as possibly too little nutrients, but this is less likely as you would probably have seen nutrient deficiencies in the leaves.

If the light is not intense enough or it doesn’t have enough food/nutrients – it could mean the plant won’t grow very fast or very big during the vegetative growth time period or within the time it takes to finish ripening the flowers.

If the container is not big enough the roots will get “root bound” and the plant will stop growing larger.

Also “auto-flowering” strains, because they flower regardless of light/photo period, they are always small in stature as you can not extend a “vegetative” growth cycle and delay flowering by making sure the plant has well over 12 hours of light a day to allow them to grow bigger. Auto flowering strains rarely get much bigger than about 3 feet tall.

And so when the amber trichomes show up and the plant isn’t that big yet, yes, you still need to harvest now to get a good quality smoke.

Lastly, to dramatically increase your yeild you need to understand proper cropping, pruning and training techniques and figure out which one, or combinations will work best in your garden. The overall size of the plant has less to do with overall yeild than these techniques. A person that really knows what they are doing with a two foot tall plant could potentially harvest much more weight than a three foot plant that was never trained at all.

Unless you incorporate side lighting; Something a lot of folks never think of or employ. This allows you to grow out a plant without topping and obtain similar yields without stressing the plant.

I will admit tat I have only been able to achieve a yield of a pond from a single plant twice; It was not topped.

The 1st was a plant I nicknamed “Mongo” NYCDiesel. GH 3-part, Liquid Karma, Cal mag

The 2nd. A private gifted underground UK strain named “Oldtimes” Dutchmaster Advance, Max, Zone, silica

Both were grown in “bubblers” and both were clones.

@latewood I love botanicare great stuff ! Lk is a life saver ! How do you feel about sweet ?

low harvest yield can be heart-breaking