Low humidity what to do

It is not digital but there is only one button that turns on low then hit button again it goes to high. I saw the one you were talking about on amazon. Looked nice but don’t want to spend anymore money.

That might have been me. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01JYIAUEY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1?tag=greenrel-20

I received it and you can set the RH easily and it automatically maintains it. It has a night mode with lights out which is great. A bit on the small side and not sure how large of a grow area this would work for. Also I don’t yet have my exhaust fan and filter set up so not sure if it will keep up with that but it works with minimal airflow through the grow space.

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Yes nice looking unit I read up on it at the link let us know how it works when you hook it up with the filter

That’s what I’m doing on my 1st grow. Works good, raises humidity from 30% to 50-55% in a 2x4 tent. I bought a humidifier for 15 bucks though will try that when I get it soon. There’s no container under the towel in the pic, it worked good that way too, just re-wet the towel once a day. Now I have a big container with water on the towel end.


The real humidity fix is a Commercial system called Ultra Wall Humidity control system found at TAC Water & Misting Systems in Lake Elsinore, California. Seen at most Cannabis expo trade shows.
Excellent control and a true industrial commercial growers system.

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The only time you need a lot of humidity is when they’re seedlings or clones or moving into beginning of veg and then about Midway through veg , a little less humidity and then when moving into flower you want right about half and half dry air and humidity and then when you go into heavy flower a little less humidity and more dry air and that’s what you really are looking for …or are shooting for …that’s just my opinion on this… :wink:

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Seeding 80-70%Rh
Clones. 70-60% Rh 2 weeks
Veg Growth 60%Rh 1st week
Veg Growth 55%Rh 2nd week
Bloom cycle 50% Rh 2 weeks
Bloom cycle 45%Rh 2 weeks
Bloom cycle 40%Rh remainder of 4 weeks ( total bloom cycle 8 weeks)

Air exchange very impotant during
Veg Growth and bloom 77 °F
bloom cycle air exchange 5-6 turns/hr
Water pH ~5.8
H2O4 one day/week soul condition
EC rate 3.0
Serilite UV post water system
Yield 2.9 lbs/1000watt light
4-6 grow harvest/year
Zero mold-mildew-algea

TAC Water and Misting Systems

It’s certainly nothing personal and I agree with your information regaurding RH % weekly and key points though I air exchange at standard once every 3 min unless my temps are high

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Glad I read this post before it gets deleted. Good info. Struggling with humidity myself.

What is the sweet spot humidity % for indoor hydro?

Not to sure, I’m new at this and only growing outdoors for now.

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Is great your divice humidifier

Hello r you from Europe?