Low humidity what to do


So I have been reading how to increase humidity and getting a humidifier would work. May concern is not being able to control it without getting more gadgets. Looking for a simple way to bring up humidity. Right now I am at 21% and stuck some water in bowl under a fan and increased to 24%. I was hoping someone would have an idea how to increase on the cheap side. My grow area is small 2x3x5ft. So with small area a humidifier would be to much at least I would think so. I had a thought and take an air stone in put in bucket of water or a reptile fogger or something like that. Sorry if it has been covered just not finding an answer in my search.


Put the humidifier on a timer and regulate it that way

Someone here is using a pond fogger but they’re doing the whole grow room with it, so I don’t know if that might be too much for your small tent or not ?

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Hi @Smokin_ernie, I’m having the same issue with low humidity and did the fan with the water and it helped a bit, but then I transplanted into taller pots and couldn’t adjust the fan to both blow over the water and simultaneously over the plants. I just ordered a humidifier and it has controls to adjust the level of the humidity. Perhaps you can find something similar. This is what I bought


Thanks@noodles it is something to consider. Kind of hoping to get something going today. I may head out and see what I can find.

Same here one fan and can’t blow on plant and bowl at same time.


Get one of the small cool air sonic vaporizer from Walmart they are cheap work good and dont raise the temperature in the tent . Good luck


I use an empty plant tray filled with lecca or sterile sand and add water to it wicks water to surface and releases it raising humidity slightly


@Smokin_ernie you can take a bowl of water and a towel and hang the towel so that the end of the towel sits in the water and the longer the towel the more humidity you will get… Cheap and easy



Thanks for replying! I went to Walmart and got a small cool mist humidifier. I had it running on low for an hour and brought up humidity to 28% now it is running on high and I am at 31% after a half hour. So we will see what happens.


So the humidity is at best 33% according to the meter I have. I am not convinced that I am getting a correct reading. The humidifier is putting out a lot vapor on high. Hard to believe that I am only getting 33%.


Lol I just went out an purchased 2 more humidifiers today 3 space’s 3 humidifiers cold weather doesn’t hold much humidity mind you last year this time I was fighting with trying to get it back down below 80% in my flower room


Yeah where I’m at I have absolutely no humidity it’s dry heat or it’s dry cold… no matter what it’s dry… dry …dry… make your plants adapt… clone …clone… clone…lol😆

I’m on one right now…:joy::smiley::smile::laughing:



I have been forcing them to adapt by keeping humidity close to 35-40% hell of a struggle to get it higher now the cold is here :wink:


I have ladies that I have been growing for 4 years right now almost 4 1/2 years so if they don’t live they don’t live and they go away… I’m kind of a jerk when it comes to growing …I’m not really a nice guy …you either thrive or you don’t survive…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:



happier they are the faster they grow and better the yields so I try not too stress them too much if it can be readily avoiided


Well I finally got the second table up and going stuffed 6 ladies that were 4 foot tall almost… under a two and a half foot tall scrog into dwc for the first time… Normally grow in soil… what do you think @Donaldj … sorry for the crappy lighting couldn’t find my method 7 lens… Oh ya I forgot to say they were in 1 gallon soil pots at 3 feet and I washed the crap out of them and through into dwc…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

And so we shell see …:smiling_imp::wink::joy::smiley::smile:

8 days in flower , 2 weeks in dwc…


I agree with peach fuzz, the only thing you get from weak plants is bugs and disease!


Some ladies in veg … And please appreciate because I don’t share often…:slight_smile:

I just enjoy helping people achieve their goals… If I can help…:confused:



Looks like you got a lead on me hoping my clones will root if not can always get my bubble cloner going again also working with 36sqft split into 3 separate spaces 40’ height so kinda tight. My GC clones are wilting more than my BB some strains are just a little more of a pain to clone


Love the photos! Looking good.

As for my humidity has not improved much with the humidifier but it is something and I will deal with I got. I think I will add the towel and bowl of water to see if that helps a little bit more.


place near a fan the air flow will pull moisture off it

the foil you see in top corner is directing intake into the moist lecca yes I actually am using the trick I suggested