Low humidity problems!

I’ve been fighting low humidity since I started my tent a few weeks ago. It’s been between 37% and 41% with a temp of 70-78 degrees. If the temp goes up, humidity goes down. I’ve added a humidifier ($30 Walmart) and a 3.5 gallon bucket with a water stone in hopes to raise humidity to around 50%. I’ve messed with my intake fans a little and noticed a change but haven’t figured out how to get humidity up and keep it there. I’ve read CO2 helps bump up humidity but I do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a system yet. Any suggestions will be very helpful. Thank you,

Look up GroBro Co2 generator on Amazon , I think it’s about $32 maybe , are you can look up some (DIY) do it yourself with a 20 oz bottle and a 2 liter bottle and create one , it’s tons of videos on YouTube is how I made my very first one , are you can used the Eco bags with the mushroom that creates Co2 , are you can even used dry ice which I’ve done also and works great , but it has hazards and you have to find where it’s sold , but you just cut you a few squares of dry ice in card board box hung over your plants and let it just fog over them until it fizz out , but it’s several ways than buying a Co2 tank , modulator , and gauge .

This is what it looks like , the lid has the tube already connected and splits off where you can just twist tie with a bread wrapper to your small fan to circulate your Co2 , I don’t run my exhaust fan when I’m running Co2 and I stop using it after the second week from the switch to 12/12 in pre-flower are once you see the buds forming .

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Thanks you very much.

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