Low humidity for cure

Just jarred up this plant yesterday and it seems that the humidity in the jar wants to stay at 55%. Did a 10 day dry at 55%rh before this. Did I dry to long? Is 55% in the jar to low for curing? I have boveda packs I can add. I’m only saying this because I’ve read that you want to slowly get your humidity down to 62% by burping but I’m already below that


That RH will be fine, the drying RH would need to be higher :love_you_gesture:

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Add a fresher bud to jar.
Nice looking harvested

I’d add the Boveda packs to get the RH up if you don’t have any other fresh plant material (buds, fan leaves, etc) to add in to raise the RH.

55 is the bottom but perfectly fine to cure. Just dont burp but every once in a while. I think range is 55-62. Under 55 cure stops. You should be good. I would add a leaf or 2 over boveda right now. Just me.

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I have done the add a slice of lime/lemon to raise rH. I remember using apple slices 40 years ago but I think they release some chemical ?ethylene dioxide? ?ethyl acetate? that causes rot.

Don’t believe me on this one since I haven’t fact checked it yet.

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Toss a fan leaf in the jar for 5-10 mins.