Low hanging nugs

Are these worth harvesting? This is from the lower growth. Will they hold their shape or basically fall apart after drying?

![20201217_185115|375x500](upload://1OxIfPyckHBKZF8OsBdZNsbDoUV.![20201217_185148|375x500](upload://ncBMkPGBfy9nj2XqR5Q0Y0zBrM7.jpe g) jpeg)

If you dry them they will hold together. They’ll be little nugs but they add up.


And get enough of them you can decarb and make great edibles!

How donyou decarb

I use a nova by ardent but it’s limited to about an oz at a time.

I think they have a new one out that you can decarb up to 4 oz at a time.

Or in the oven at 220 degrees for 45 minutes

Decarboxylate by burning (smoking) or by elevating temperature long enough to convert, IIRC, THC-A into THC (which is the psychoactive molecule). I put my flower into a mason jar with the lid on just gently snug and put in a 240 F oven for an hour. That will do it.


My bride will be getting this for Santa. Will be anxiously waiting to see how it works