Low budget light question and discussion for a beginner

The photo is of12 clones in 6" nursery pots. I had 18 clones. A mix of northern lights and AK47, I have six in the 3x3 (it’s a full house) that are 3-4 weeks from finishing and then the 12 in the SOG. I did them all as single colas.
This is 5 of AKs I cut the other day - cute little ones


I could not pass up the Sonofarm 4000 for less than $400.00 and it has the PPFD & DLI numbers I am looking for in 2.5X2.5 or 3x3


I’m down here in NZ , like the cost of those sonofarms, no nz distribution anyways what do you Americans pay for an hlg 650r ? Here it’s 1999nzd, just curious

It is listed on HLG’s website at $1099.00

Thank you, good to know it’s relative same sames

I am curious if you use the dimmer on the Sonofarm and read watt draw with kill-a-watt meter.
I have run my SF4000 for a couple of weeks (like it very much) and finally got around to see how the dimmer settings match up with watts drawn. Not very well at all. Any setting below max is off. And, the lower the setting, the further off it gets.
These are my readings setting / watts. The good thing is the fixture rates out at what the max is supposed to be.
max / 400
min / 21
20% / 40
40% / 70
60% / 105
80% / 192
90% / 240
Thought I would bring it to your attention

@beardless You are spot on bro! I noticed the same results similar…i do have a meter hooked up all the time to verify at different times. I agree, specs are questionable at best!!!
All aside, i still produce very nice results using 2 pro 2000s in sync w/ UV supplements….

Hey @beardless I put a meter on my sf7000 and there’s a spot between 70 n 80% that no exaggerating if you bump the dimmer nob it jumps 75 watts lol I just leave the meter on the light all the time now.

I also found a new light on Amazon that if the numbers are correct they’re impressive here is the 300w version but they come in different watts

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Big girl Nice!
I was surprised the draw was that far off. I had it at 80% for quite a while. Recently took it up to max as I was preparing to flip. Got out the kill-a-watt today

@beardless I noticed 1st run, foxtailing knarly!!! Now i run them on daisy system still but control the power with an apex point, then taper back down to 75% towards the end of cycle. It eliminated all foxtail issues and finishes the girls nicely. I run another a/c infinity digital tent(20x36x60) w/ 2 HLG QB 135 DIY Kits as well. I really wanted to somewhat compare lighting systems to an extent and so far i am happy on both fronts but i lean more towards my 3x3 w/ the Sonofarms + flower power UV System! Clear difference in resin production but i know the root cause being the UV. (Basing that statement off the knowledge i have growing under ONLY sonofarm, ONLY HLG, and each w/ Flower Power UV)

Was it a more sativa leaning strain? With my other lights I had AK-47 start to foxtail toward the end. Second grow I did the same as you. Back off of the lights the last couple of weeks.
Are your flower power UVA UVB or blend? I thought about trying them but have not looked into them very nuch.

Noob alert…
What is foxtailing, what does it look like (let me guess, a foxes tail, fat in the middle?)and what causes it? (Insufficient lightning is the impression that I get)

I know I could google it but l kinda like my info coming from you guys, you don’t track my every move, plus you get to flex the big brains for the noob

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@beardless Hybrid(white widow) gave the foxtailing…check out solacure dot com (edited for rules) I get awesome results w/ them everytime!!!

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When foxtailing does occur it is usually in late flower. The plant keeps producing calyxes and sometimes they take on some really odd shapes. The few that I have had were like small growths, bumps sticking out of the colas. I looked but can’t find the pictures of took of it.

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@Mr_Wormwood This is an example but foxtailing can take many forms/appearances…to further explain wat @beardless is saying……the calyxes will continually grow and grow causing the buds to never fully mature per say!! Harvesting these buds result in a much weaker quality bud because you will then have “degenerative THC converted to CBN/D” along side the outter layer housing “Pre-Mature THC” giving poor results when consumed……leading cause pinpoints to too much/intense lighting!!!

I’d look at that and be thinking I just grew Cannibis Cup material
So green

@Mr_Wormwood One would be inclined to believe so and appearances can be very deceiving but no worries, your at the right place on this forum……so much knowledge and great people with one common goal!!!

Fox tail sounds like such a good thing too


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The mouth waters at the sight of such beauty