Low budget light question and discussion for a beginner

Hey everyone! Creating a new post about my grow to ask questions about lighting and share my progress and discoveries. My current question is this, will the amount of light I have be enough to produce quality buds in flower?

I currently have a vivosun 300w LED light supplemented by two smaller 75w clip on bendy lights to the sides and lower portion of the crop. Will that be enough to get a good yield and high quality bud? Or will I NEED to invest in a new light before starting the flower to get medical cards marijuana. Mahalo and Much love.

The light appears to be a 130 watt light and the burples have poor spectrum, so I would consider getting another light. It will certainly carry 1 plant through veg though. You’ll probably want something better for flowering to maximize plant health and yield. I would recommend an HLG 135 or 260 Rspec for flowering if you only want to run 1 plant at a time. If you want to flower more than 1 plant then you’ll need even more lighting. Lighting is one of the most important factors for healthy cannabis.

There might be some less expensive options for quality lighting out there such as a Spider farmer product. I have no experience with them and will let others weigh in on inexpensive, but effective, options. The most important factor when choosing a light is the quality of the diodes used. You will want Samsung 301 series diodes (or similar.)


I’m a SpiderFarmer user and I highly recommend it, the problem with blurples is that they don’t have a good red spectrum which is crucial during bloom, depending on how many plants you wanna have depends on the light/amount of lights you’ll need but here’s a good guide:

SF1000: 1 plant
SF2000: 2 plants
SF4000: 4 plants

If there is one area of growing that you should never be cheap with it’s the lighting, it’s the most crucial factor of them all when it comes to overall yield

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I recently purchased a few Sonofarm pro series 2000 lights(bit cheaper than HLG). They are a new company that isUSA based, family owned. They use Samsung LM301B Diodes and Meanwell drivers…seems very nicely made and my plants been loving them since i hooked em up…check em out!!

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Thank you, I was concerned I’d have to get a new one. Unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot of capital so getting one is gonna take some time.

Looking into the SF ones and really want the 4000, I’ve heard nothing b great things about it so far.

I’ve never heard of them, but I’ll definitely have to give them a good look. Thanks !

I grew under 2 of those little blurple lights for a couple years and was getting just over a quarter pound per grow which ain’t much but I learned a ton about training indoor plants

I did a search for Sonofarm-glad I found your comment. I am looking at either the 2000 or the 4000. Right now is for a 2x2 space but I may be using it somewhere else. I like a lot of light so the 4000 isn’t too much for that small space (it is not enclosed). Are you please with your 2000s. Plants reacting well to them? Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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I have 2 2000s in a 3x3 and they not playing around…i wud highly recommend them!!! For your 2x2 i c wat your saying and you can always expand!!


Hey @beardless before you buy i would check out the vipar xl series to, they seem nice on paper with a couple more watts. I do like the sono lights alot, they’re an American company using the same parts as the high dollar guys. I went with spider farmer they’re really nice but all these new lights are pretty much the same but a few dollar cheaper should have waited a little longer lol story of my life something better shows up right after you buy something

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I appreciate the heads up. I think the Sonofarm 4000 is going to be the route I take. It’s size makes it really flexible. It will fit in my 3x3 with room for another light, it works for the space I currently want to upgrade and, If I get the new closet built it can fit in there. If I was going with something in the 2000 range, the Vipar would be in contention. The XS4000 is almost 40". Tough to fit it in a 3x3 so I have to rule it out. The sonofarm 4000 is only 24x19".


The sonofarm seems to be the best option out of the two. I read what you said about your grow space in some other posts and your comments. The sonofarm lights from what I’m seeing so far are fantastic, top of the line LEDs, and with the 5 year warranty offered along with them I don’t see how you could lose to be honest. and if you’re from the US it has the added bonus of supporting an American business if that’s something ya take into consideration.

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I can certainly get by with the lights I have but a good sale on a good product that I will want in 6 months adds up to pull the trigger now. Yep USA

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I started with the viparspectra series lights(didnt take long to move on from them) moved to mars hydro(i know lol dont have to tell me) finally landing on Sonofarm and HLG…i have the 3x3 running sonofarm and a 2x4 with a HLG QB 135 rspect DIY kit + HLG VR 65…they are competing tents!

Vipar has upgraded their products and are very much improved. I don’t have one but have talked to a couple people and watched their grows and I think they have moved up. Plus Vipar has the only equipment I’m aware of with a UL safety seal.

I don’t work for them or make money telling you I’m just sharing my research. I am definitely not saying anything against sono I think I would have gone with sono if I would have found them before I bought sf

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The Vipar XS series is very solid.

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Those XS lights actually look pretty decent. Samsung LM301B, which is great.

This is the mess I am replacing / upgrading. Trade out four for one.

. I should get some panda paper or Mylar and at least wrap the upper part to contain the light.
This is my kind of give it a try and see if it works area. Next grow I am putting an autopot in the scrog and trying coco for the first time for one purple kush.

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OMG i remember those days hahaha…jus mine was all scrambled into a sm tent(i didnt know much better)…all autos?

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