Low amounts of sunlight per day

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Have any growers out there had decent success balcony growing? My balcony (during Oz winter) gets approx 7 hours of direct sunlight, assuming its not overcast. I’d love some opinions on the state of this girl. She’s about 30cm tall and started flowering after a few weeks of veg (was quite a slow veg grower probs due to little light). Not sure if auto or not as i planted in March - close to being 12/12. The seed came from a mate who said its probably Berners Cookies as he collected a few here n there but cannot be certain. 1st pistils appeared 13th April so 6 weeks ago. Aroma has been increasing heavily over the last week and i noticed an amber trich today among a split of say 30/70 milky/clear trichs. I really dont want to let her trichs explode, so as i said just looking for some opinions on her if possible as well as balcony grow tips. Im using coco/perlite mix and GH flora series nutes. Sorry if pics are bad, trying my best with loupe/mobile phone.

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Where is OZ??

That’s Australia


Aaahhh… awesome. Been there twice. I love Perth.

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Starting flush tomorrow!

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Its clear to see the impact low amounts of light has on cannabis. Very nice bud though! Enjoy it!

Thanks for the input! Would you like to elaborate on your observation?


oh sorry, was at work and then partying in the back yard!
Anyways, cannabis is a light whore, for it to grow big and bushy cannabis needs as many sunlit hours per day as it can get! Combine that with a large root and plenty if food and water and you can have plants like this

But the process of gowingbthrough phases of growth can happen even in a fairly light poor environment.