Low 40's last nite!

It got so cold last nite i had to run the furnace !! Supposed to be mid to low 40’s in the evenings all next week and I dont see it getting any better ! My question is since i have no other options available should I pull my plants now ?? Some one here said cold weather degrades the potency ! Thanks in Advance !!


Cold weather does not degrade the potency, but dying from the cold sure does.

If you cannot protect your plants, harvest by pulling up and leave plant in tact. This will allow the plant to continue growth naturally, and then you must dry and trim the plants down, before curing them properly for a month or 2 in order to get the best quality of this immature harvest. Good Luck! Peace :slight_smile:

The only place I can put them out of the weather is in my garage , I would love to being them in the house but thats out of the question , Do I pull them and hang them upside down with the root ball intact , I do not understand what you meant by them continuing to grow once pulled ??

Thanks !!


How cold does it need to be before I should protect my plants? It’s been in the high 30’s -low 40’s the last few nights. Was I wrong to think the plants would be alright if the temps stayed above freezing? Thanks for any advice Nelly

We discussed this pretty thoroughly here: