Love My ILGM Jack Herer-My first grow story of great success!

Hey Folks,

This was my first grow and thanks to ILGM and their outstanding customer service, Lessons etc, it has been a wide success!! My package got “lost” and they quickly replaced them!! Bummed I had to start the seeds in late May…but I will order early for next season. Sadly, I can’ do clones as it would be over the plant limit. ILGM truly do have a customer for life. I’m looking forward to my 5 Blueberry Kush autoflower seeds.

I grew 2 Jack Herer from ILGM and gave one away for clone trades of the others listed below. He will use that as a mother plant for the future clones. He is a commercial grower for dispensaries and didn’t have the famous strain. The clones I received were HUGE!!! See the pics. The Girls I could not seem to get my pics in chronological order on the cloud unfortunately. Soon I will do a slideshow of that progression. I’m sorry to have lost the seedling pics, but you get the idea. More pics will follow as they finish…5 weeks left!!

I figured I would take some time to share with everyone my grow and my organic fertilizer mix which follows after my brief description of my grow.

In total I grew 4 legal plants for my state of Oregon, USA but I had to fight the temptation to get into cloning. The police here are not worried about the plant count unless it poses a smell issue for the neighbors. They have more problems to worry about really. I did provide 4 Lemon Diesel plants (received from a friend who had to move) to a friend for a “trade” and even my mother enjoyed growing her plants I supplied. I look forward to the trade back in return. I look forward to getting a hydro cloner for SURE!! The roots looked liked fish bones.

I have a Blackberry Kush, Girl Scout Cookie (pay close attention to PH as it is sensitive in my experience), Jack Herer form ILGM, Jilly Bean, Lemon Diesel and a nice CBD, Shark Shock. I truly am looking forward to my Jack and Blackberry Kush for my medical condition. It is my goal to grow enough over time to make Rick Simpson Oil as I believe we will all get cancer or some other ailment where oil can help. I look forward to making butter and oil as I choose edibles over actual smoking. Also, my goal is CBD over THC. One of of these strains are high in that, but it will be nice to have a variety that will last a long time as I truly don’t smoke that much. The growing is what I enjoy the most!! One day I hope to cross my own strains just to see the outcome named Black Widow (black berry Kush, White widow. Not sure if it is done, but that’s the plan. If it’s not…then who knows.

With that introduction, let me now share with you my organic fertilizer mix. This is my first attempt at not only growing, but in making my personal blend. All plants were grown in 7 gallon fabric grow pots to control the size with addition to cropping. My goal was 5’ in height to shield it behind my fence. I used Happy Frog soil. Once they rooted out in 1 gallon pots they were transplanted. 2 tspn Jamacian Bat Guano 0-10-0 was used at the base during transplanting for root development…WOW!!

The following is my Veg Feed mix used after week 2 from seed. In the beginning from seed sprout I used a very diluted (about two eye droppers) per quart of water of MaxiCrop seaweed mainly for root development. Remember baby food early on. A couple times I fought temptation to add more. I didn’t want any mistakes…I can be stubborn though and didn’t plan to experiment with adjustments my first grow.

The following was used to make a “tea” bubbled over night in a gallon bucket with a fish pump. Toward the end of veg. (week 5+) , I simply increased the ingredients X2 and diluted with an additional gallon of Ph water. I fed 1x per week with water on days that were needed. My next grow I will go to 2x per week as I had ZERO problems in nutrient absorption nor burning. >>The key is PH balance 6.2-6.4 for proper absorption of all nutrients!!! <<<< read again!! Test your run out of water from pot on drench day and adjust to raise or lower that PH for water adjustment of PH reading. Aim for 6.4 of PH run out.

Veg Fertilizer per 1 gallon 1 qt per plant. weeks 5+, 2 qt per plant
Full drench pots 1x during watering days. One day DRY!! During hotter days, water 2x per day.

Ph 6.2-6.4 water left 24 hours so chlorine can evaporate.
1 Oz. MaxiCrop/Kelp- Root Stimulation and Potash for strength of plant
1 Tbl spoon Humic Acid-Microbes
2 tspns H202 food grade 35%-kills fungus, mold and supplies oxygen to
1/2 tsp. Cal/Mag
1 tspn. Unsulfured Molasses-magnesium/Iron and is food for the microbes in worm castings and Humic Acid-Microbes
2 Tbls BioMass Bat Guano-9-3-1High in Nitrogen for growth
3/4 cup worm castings- includes humus, worm mucus, and plant growth promoters like cytokinins. In addition, vermicompost commonly contains ten times as much microorganism activity as plain soil
1/4 cup Alfalfa. Natural growth hormones.
1 tbls. blood meal.

Use worm catings and Alfalfa mix strained as a top feed around base of plant.

Foliar feed- 1/2 tsp 35% food grade H202, 1tsp MaxiCrop, 1tsp Humic acid per quart container. I did this once a week but will increase to 3x per week next grow.

My stems were crazy strong (MaxiCrop) and it rooted out in a gallon pot during 1st transplant at 3 nodes high in 1.5 weeks!!. I was amazed. Along the veg process I cropped and fimmed a few tops. On my JB I wanted to see how many I could get and in total I had over 40 tops!!! Final size is 5’ x 5’ in 7 gallon pot. The buds won’t be that big but I don’t care. My bowl isn’t that big after all.

I cropped and trimmed out to 18 inches from tip at week 5 and 8 of veg and plucked some fan leaves covering bud sites at week 3 bloom and cleaned bottom to 18 inches from tip of each branch.

Flower Fertilizer per gallon:
1 gallon of 6.3ph balanced, chlorine free water.
1 tbls MaxiCrop- Stop after week 3
1 Tbl spoon Humic Acid-Microbes
½ tsp Cal/Mag
1.5 teaspoons fish emulsion- slow release 5-1-1- stop weeks 3- finish.
2 tspns H202
1 tsp. Molasses- 1 tbs weeks 4-6
1/4 cup milk. Proven to increase yields and is full of calcium and sugars. Calcium is VERY important for both phases of growth!!
I have seen pics and the frost is CRAZY!!!
3/4 cup worm castings-
2 Tbls of Jamacian Bat guano 0-10-0 mix- High in Phosphorous for bud development, low in nitrogen. These bats eat fruit so it adds sugars with fruity taste so it is claimed. 2.5 tbls were used in weeks 4-6.
2 tspns 9-3-1 bat guano first 3 weeks only
1 tbls. bone meal

Foliar feed with 1/2 tsp. H202- 1/2 tsp. humic acid per quart

On just water days, I used 1 tsp molasses week 2-4 bloom and increased to 2 tsp 4-6 along with 1/4 milk.

Use strained contents of worm poo and bat guano for top feed adding 1tbs per pot weekly for weeks 4-6 of 0-10-0.
Again- 2x ingredients per gallon weeks 3-6

I am not done yet with the grow but will flush final two weeks with ph water and 1 tbls. brown sugar per gallon. I will only water with water and 2 tspn. Molasses week 7 with 1 tsp Lemon Juice as it is claimed it tightens buds. Final week only water.

As this is ALL organic, there is no need to flush but I will anyway. I shouldn’t but will and next grow I will test with identical clones one with flush and one without to see how it effects taste.

Basically, the above ingredients for both Veg and Bloom are common in almost ALL name brand bottles.
Total cost of fertilizers- Roughly $80 USD but will have enough for 2 grows. Total cost for start up- Roughly $200 USD including fert. Pretty sure my finished nuggets will more than pay for the cost of start up. :slight_smile:

My goal is 14 OZ. from just my 4. (I was told I can maybe expect 7 oz from my Jilly Bean ALONE) maybe I will get more…We’ll see.

SO there you have it…all Organic Goodness. Again, no burning, lock out, deficiencies, mold, knats etc. The bugs ate my sunflowers behind it and never touched mine. It is alleged the Humic Acids and H202 repels them. So far, I’m very happy with the Jack seeds, the grow and look forward to my Blueberry Autoflower seeds from ILGM…heck they might be in the mail now!!

Fertilize 2x a week
Use more perilite with Happy Frog. Soil very compacted making it difficult to flush and dry out.
spray with milk in addition to mix of foliar spray
start plants indoors in middle April.
Add 2 cups of worm castings to Happy Frog at transplanting per pot.

Enjoy…I will try to get these in chronological order soon.

Some pics…more to come as they finish. The Girls 2016

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In case you missed it, Jack Herer, Blackberry Kush, Girl Scout Cookie, Jilly Bean, White Widow, Lemon Diesel and Shock Shark with that nice CBD balance I’ve been looking for. Most of the bud pics are from the JH and Blackberry Kush.