Lots of yellow starts at bottom

Need help getting a lot of yellow.Runoff ppm 2.02 ph 6.23

ph sounds good,looks to me like you need cal mag, I’m sure others with more experience will join in though.

I’m a new grower.Never used cal mag any information on using would be appreciated

What you are experiencing is not that unusual in the last 3-4 weeks of flowering. Looks like you have some nice big buds going but still a ways to go.

Cal-mag is a supplement often necessary when using RO (reverse osmosis), distilled, or humidifier water because there are no minerals in the water. If you are using tap, spring or well water they have calcium and magnesium but those water sources can cause other problems depending on what’s in there. You can buy cal-mag from many sources. Some here may suggest using household items to add calcium and magnesium. Adding it won’t hurt anything, may help.

Hey @Thumper1. Keep in mind that older lower leaves will yellow/brown as they have done their job in the veg phase. You could cut them away.

Continued success.