Lots of pics missing

hey guys, you are probably well aware. but if not, i wanted to point it out

in the grow journals section. nearly every post has invalid links to pics.
i suppose the text is still helpful somewhat, but it often refers to pics that were once view-able.

i guess im wondering if this is a “work-in-progress” or perhaps an issue that hasnt been addressed just yet.

anyways, keep up the good work. thanks.

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Not at all. This is a stable forum with no issues at all. We made a big server and software update last year. If you are referring to older than a year dated grow journals; This may be the reason there are no piks.

On the other hand; People now a days tend to post links from “the cloud”, or"some pik vault"; Then when they close or delete the account; piks disappear.

We have no control over grow journal content, other than moderating it for appropriate behavior, and to help if asked.

understood. thank you.