Lots of harvest questions

Some of my Skywalker OG Fem buds got amber on some branches. But on some branches, the pistils are still white. Here are samples I cut. Just been able to see the trichomes clearly yesterday after I got the 3rd scope and hook it up with my laptop.




These are snipped off two buds, one with white pistils, the other’s pisltils turned brown.

She is still in the grown under tarp to keep dry from the rain until Sunday. Then I took down the tarp and replace it with mesh netting to keep the caterpillars mama to reach her.

Above pictures of the plant were taken on Sat & Sunday. How long should I wait it out? days, weeks?

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These are my White Widow I took her out last week and already dried. Please tell me if I took her out too early, too late?





Another one. This is Bergman’s Gold Leaf Fem. from the lower branches I took out before harvesting the rest of the whole plant the next day.

This is the one I think it might have been too soon. But this plant got heavily damaged by the caterpillars and it was about to rain a couple of days late so I had to take her down.






Every plant, especially tall ones, will ripen in different areas at different rates.

Looks like your girls are healthy and are working to reward your tlc with many pleasant moments.

Suggest you pass on using pistils for a harvest signal. Watching the trichomes on the buds is the important signal. Yes, most of your pics show at least 40%+ amber trichomes. A little more than I prefer but should be a good couch lock smoke.

AND…you could harvest the top buds first and then the rest as they reach the maturity you prefer. :cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


I would say to look at the pistils to determine when to look at the trichomes. You are still pushing pistils (as evidenced by the number of white ones still present) and if you harvest now you will get good cannabis but not quite the potential yield. I think you have a couple of weeks to go.


Only the top comment is still waiting to be harvested. The next two are already done and dried. I lost so much of the buds fromthe bottom two comments. So I’m babying the Skywalker to make sure she stays healthy til harvest.

@Myfriendis410, Thanks for confirming. I had a feeling she (the Skywalker in first comment) is not ready. The leaves are all green, lots of white pistils still. Only when I got the close-up shots, I realized there are some amber trichomes and was a little confused if I missed something.

I guess the GL which already is high CBD strain (3rd comment), will have pretty good % of CBD then with so much amber%. That’s what I plan to make RSO (actually FECO) with it for high CBD:THC ratio.


I say 2-3 weeks at least. Bust out the stakes cause your gonna need them.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll beef up the support. My other 5 plants never got to grow to full potential so I couldn’t imagine how much bigger they can get in the last week or two.


Yup, disregard trichs on the sugar leaves and pay attention to those on buds once pistils are receding.

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Some can almost double in weight under the right conditions.

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Holy moly! No wonder the buds I saw other people harvested are twice as fat as mine.

Just came back in from beefing up the stakes and added some more.

I made her bugs net. While I was working, I opened it all up to access and a white butterfly already got in. But they probably aren’t very smart and kept bumping on the roof netting. It it flies down 3’, it’d come to open curtain. So I hope this set up will reduce a lot of caterpillars eggs on my buds. But I’ll spray BT on her tonight.

Thanks y’all. I’d lost her without all the helps I get here.


very nice…:cowboy_hat_face:

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At this point bud rot is your biggest threat

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Absolutely! I’m going to watch it like a hawk plus keep her in the net, especially at night. I’m going to spray BT every 5 days. Man! I leaned it the hard way!

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I would just be careful with that tarp because if they get into much humidity and start having bud rot to make sure there’s plenty of air flow everybody else has you covered on checking when it’s ready they look fabulous


Thanks. I took the plastic tarp (actually it was ‘drop cloth’. Don’t know why it’s called ‘cloth’ when it’s just plain plastic.) off on Sunday.

This was when it was covered with clear plastic “drop cloth”.

Only had it up From Thu night to Sat night when it was drizzling off and on the whole time. I switched it to ‘tulle’ fabric which is like mosquito net but made with synthetic fiber so they don’t have fuzzy strands to cover the holes. It’s the same materials they make fluffy tutus with. So it doesn’t trap heat at all. When I was beefing up the stakes in the middle of the day, I also checked if they trap heat or not. When the temp kicks up into80’s and 90’s in a few days, I’ll open it up in the morning and close it before sun down. She’s the only plant left standing, so I can keep an eye on her.

I just went spraying BT on her, stop using Spinosad now but I have other brands of BT’s that works pretty well. Found a moth caught inside it since it wasn’t completely sealed. Parts of it wasn’t cut long enough and comes a few inches off the ground. I still keep the BT schedule as before. Will do rot-check too. Can’t trust these damned bugs!