Lots of brown spots and yellowing!? HELP!

Hello I am a beginner this is my first grow
please help!!! this lady was doing fine until I changed from and cheap light to the much stronger Mars T600 then this happened!! maybe I shouldn’t have changed so drastically but my other girls didn’t seem to mind. But this lady is not happy!!! Also she is a photoperiod and she is about two months old. Is this a nutrient problem, a light problem, both,or something else please help!! Thanks

  • Mazar, Growers choice seeds,
  • Method: Coco coir with perlite
  • Vessels: Pot
  • PH 5.5
  • CALMAG, advanced nutritions trio, and humboldts secret gold trees PPM: 328
  • Indoor
  • Light: Mars Hydro t600
  • Temps; Day: 79 F Night: N/A
  • Humidity; 80 , Night N/A
  • Ventilation system; Not yet
  • Humidifier
  • Co2; No

I would bump up the nutes: 300 ppm and plant is starving. You should be up around 900 ppm now. I would also bump up the cal mag.


Welcome to the forum @Eyezzz95, looks like MyFriend has you covered


Damn haha okay I’m really low then okay sweet thank appreciate it very much!!!:call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:

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