Lot sizes on seeds

With regard to seeds for sale – why doesn’t ILGM offer lot sizes starting at 3 seeds at say $55… 5 lot sizes limits ones ability to try different strains, especially at $18 a seed and higher…


I mean , it ain’t like they are selling candy , sadly to obtain great genetics you have to go and spend some extra , It makes more sense to go for a pack of 30 seeds for around 320, the seed to arrive already take around 3 weeks , I assure you you can’t find cheaper on the market on less you have a dispensary next door , good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I dont mind paying for the seed genetics but I do mind being forced to spend my seed budget on just 2 strains when I could spend that on 4 strains if sold in smaller lot sizes … Nothing said about unwilling to spend on quality…

Other sites even sell by the seed – I’m asking why ILGM can’t start out with 3 seed lot sizes then 5 and so on ?.. Just like other sites do. I’m a grower that’s in it for the smoke and variety of that smoke nothing else.

So a site that would offer that , would offer more opportunity for the novice . Plus it would also make it one stop shopping. Now I go to one site for my seed stock (variety) and another for my nutes.