Lost power in grow room

From a fellow grower: I lost power in my grow room for about 45 minutes. Will that effect my plants any

What stage of life?

Veg flip back no worries, flower leave off and let cycle thru the next day

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Probably everybody on here has lost power for some reason hurricanes, floods ,winter storms.45 minutes you’re good don’t worry about it. Happy growing

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I haven’t lost power here and I live in Hurricane Alley. I don’t think 45 mins will harm the grow at all. After all we do do a 12/12 cycle and 12 hours off > 45 mins. Personally I would let it run its cycle for the day. No reason to wait till the next day to have the lights back on.

After about 30-45 mins of dark the plant is creating a hormone called florigen. Flipping lights on again could cause the plant to hermaphrodite.

But like I said before it’s personal preference to do with your grow as you will

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