Lost my wallet tonight

Only had 220 bucks cash in it😢 that was my tent and then some

100 of it was not even mine. Maybe it will turn up

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I lost a wallet when I was about 20 years old. It only had $40 in it, but it sucked just the same. I haven’t carried cash in my wallet since. :+1:


Holy hell I found it right where I put it earlier when I was stoned

I had walked a couple of miles earlier and was about to retrace my steps :eyes:

Thanks for the well wishes

Now I can justify the tent lol if I wanted to admit I lost my wallet but didn’t really


The plants are looking good. Ease up on the nutes… you are on the verge of toxicity… any closer pics?

lol um, what mate?

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Not sure about the neuts but sure enough ease up on the pipe!

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That’s what I blame, the water pipe

Oh lord I’m just glad I found it
Explaining losing my wallet full of cash was not looking good


It was a joke. Lol.

About two weeks ago I lost mine too. For about a week. I figured it might be at my buddy’s place where was smoking weed and playing guitars all night the night I lost it but I asked him two different times to check his basement and he said it wasn’t there. Finally a week later I was back over there and it’s sitting right on top of my guitar amp. Could have slapped him but it’s my own dumbass fault in the first place. It’s just after you ask a guy so many times you can’t just go over and be like umm hey I’m here to look for myself.


Lol nice to see another guitarist on here

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Hell yeah man. Herb and guitars match made in heaven.

What kind of axe you play?

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I have a Les Paul Studio with hand wound pick ups
A Westbury made in the early eighties in Japan (law suit guitar) and an ovation acoustic

What are you rocking?

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An old Guild acoustic (‘58 most likely) and a mid 90s Gibson Blues Hawk both of which are bone stock. A hot rodded Mexican telecaster which I replaced the electronics with Seymour Duncan hot rail in the neck and quarter pounder in the bridge (that is the most unassuming looking guitar that can melt your face)

And for my fortieth b-day earlier this year my wife surprised me with the guitar I’ve wanted since I was a teenager - a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty. It’s a great guitar. Pretty to look at and plays like a dream and I still refuse to take the tags off it - go on, call me Nigel Tufnel :rofl:

I’ve played through a buttload of amps over the last 25 years and had way too many of them still in my possession as of last summer… most of them worked but with occasional really strange issues the type you really only get from 40 year old gear. I sold all of them last summer and pooled my money to buy a Mesa Boogie mini rectifier. Never been happier.

Wooo black beauty nice 3 pickups?

Ahhh what strain are you growing? I need to try some of that