Lost a seed...now it sprouted?

Back on 3/28 I put a germinated seed in a pot and it never grew. I looked for the seed, couldn’t find it, so I started over with a new seed on 4/5. This time I decided to germinate in the soil…well I guess that extra seed was down in the soil some where because I now have twin sprouts. Can I save them both or do I need to kill one?


need to change 1st part of topic to Found a seed…

Looks like it could be a twin… the angle points to same seed


any suggestions on what to do?

Let it fly bud no harm in letting it rock

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Your gonna wanna see which one dominates and cut the other they could have 2 root zones and cause issues

Really close , if you want to try you can leave the dominant , bigger one and carefully try to repot the second one , spoon as a mini shovel


Just get the big out but gently if u can but if u don’t have experience transplant just cut the small and next time two seed cant be on the same pot

Most likely thats from the same seed. I had a zkittles auto do the same thing left both in 10 gal and it came out for poop. Larfy buds. I believe they fought each other and both lost the game. The bigger of mine took best to it all so id ixnay the little one

Both mine were from the same seed but when i took out did look as if they were seperate ffom each other when i cut them down. I did look at the roots to see if it was one root but seemed as if they were diff root zones just all weaved together


That’s exactly what I’m talking about :point_up_2:

Thanks Mark, I used a spoon and dug an inch down, these were from the same seed! They separated super easy, single root twisted around each other. Guess that lost seed is gone, but got twins to make up for it. hopefully the little guy pulls thru.


Both lived the whole grow just wish i would have seperated or got rid of 1 lol. Good luck. Hopefully they both pull thru.

For anyone still interested in the thriller mystery of the lost seed, it freakin sprouted from the bottom of a 3.5" pot! So I randomly had twins and then found my lost seed. For my first time growing this has been pretty exciting. Here are some pictures of the mystery seed unfolding:

Lost seed pokin her head out

Excavating the lost soldier:

Little deeper

Still going? The tap root had hairs holding it down to the bottom, hopefully it survives the surgery.

Post surgery with the twins

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Good job