Loss of smell week before harvest

Plant do very well smell is real intense up till a week before harvest then fades away.while curing they only have that chemical smell.Is that suppose to be.This happened on last harvest also an was only D grade weed.growing White widow both times

Cool temps and perhaps a terpene booster would be beneficial.

Dark temp was 66 light temp was 72

How and when do you use a terpene bust

Look it up will try that next time around

Adding Epsom salt (sulfur) throughout flower, using humic acid supposedly helps and there are commercial products available.

Temps are good for terpene retention.


I should point out that I fight this as well.


I will try the epson salt also

Is there a preference of ph to help with terpenes @Myfriendis410

I don’t know. My feeling is that try to keep everything in the sweet spot to maximize terpene production